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  1. Sorry About that. It's a Pontiac flat head six out of a 1936, 2 door Coupe.
  2. I just quoted the 1936 straight 6 engine and Transmission this morning for $500.00. I am not sure this was a reasonable price or not. If I insulted him it was not on purpose. I figured that if people needed main bearing caps and willing to pay 200.00 then why not buy the entire engine for $500. I also just found out all my messages were getting spam filtered so that problem is now fixed. I am a much better mechanic than PC forum operator!
  3. Why don't you buy my engine. It ran fine when it was removed for a rod project.
  4. I have a 1936 Flat Head 6 engine with Transmission that was recently removed from a 2 door coupe (6BA38547). We drove the car around in all gears just before a full restoration began and it was a good engine but this 1936 was destined to be a rod. Is there any value in such an engine? Am I better off parting it out? The engine is sitting in a dry/heated shop.Photos attached.