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  1. Mr. Earl, something similar happened to me while in Nam. We had put all our belongings in our seabags locked with a padlock and locked in a compartment while we were out in the boonies. When we came back to the ship, the Valley Forge, LPH 8, we found all our bags had been gone thru. Talk about a bunch of PO'd Marines. If we could have found out who did the stealing they probably would have gone for a swim off the fantail. Semper Fi
  2. Another Marine? And from the Sand Pits? I was a Hollywood Marine and got out in 69. Small world. Semper Fi
  3. When I was trying to sell my Riv, I received a couple call with the same old tune "I will have my driver pick it up"."It's a surprise for my son". Will pay with cashiers check. Don't fall for the line.
  4. Dave, I'd be interested in the ashtray if it's the same as a 92. Just the tray itself that pulls out to empty. Thanks
  5. Ronnie, your intentions were good. Evidently a previous owner of my Riv had done some kind of repairs of some kind. And who that shadetree mechanic was I'll never know. Anyways, it's up and running again. Thanks guys for all the help. I'll probably be back whenever the next problem arrives.
  6. I have a Haines repair manual for Olds and Riv. It shows a pic of unplugging the connector on the Riv. It doesn't say how hard it is to do! Someone with big hands would have trouble getting a hand behind the cluster to unplug it and plug it back in.
  7. Well, got it out, after I reached in and unplugged it, sprayed both ends of the connector with cleaner, then put it back in, Finally! That was a chore! Took it for a short drive and it's still working. So far so good. Thanks for the tips, Jim
  8. Hi Dave. The whole A/C system is about a year old, 134. I bought a motor strut from you last summer I believe. I put pics on this forum somewhere, just haven't found them yet. When I do, I'll email them Thanks, Jim
  9. Tired of putting money in it! Fix one thing, then another, then another. I've replaced, or had a shop replace, a crapload of different parts. I'll admit, it runs good, rides great, but it is nickel and dimeing me to death. If I scrap it, maybe I'll get enough to buy a cheap old, hate to say, Ford.
  10. For anyone trying to pull the cluster, it doesn't just unplug. It has a connector on the back side, lower right side, that has to be unplugged before it will come out. Had to use a screwdriver to get it loose. Sprayed with cleaner and hooked it back up. It's working now but I haven't finished putting it all back together. If it quits again, well, bye-bye Riv.Have a scrap yard about 5 miles from me. Thanks guys for all your help. Jim
  11. Finally got it out. And it doesn't "just unplug". It does have a connector with a bunch of wires in it that has to be unplugged. Sprayed both ends with cleaner, let it dry and hooked it back up. Turned on the key and so far so good. Gonna wait till morn when it's cool again and finish. If it quits again, it's going to the scrap yard. Out of money and patience!! Thanks guys Jim
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