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  1. That's me. I wish it were closer as I'm in the market for one of these. I'd also like to know what the best resource online is for vintage tractors.
  2. If you want to know what attracts young people to car events, it's 80's and 90's cars. There is an event called Radwood that just took place in Detroit which is a great illustration of what is happening at the other end of the age spectrum. The event "is a celebration of '80s and '90s automotive lifestyle" and is very well attended. Sharing a show field at an AACA event with cars from this era is a great way to interact with younger enthusiasts.
  3. I don't recall seeing those, but I'll need to take a closer look. Thanks.
  4. Looking under the front of my '39 LaSalle, I'm not sure what the best thing is to connect my tie down straps to. The rear is pretty obvious, with the solid axle. Unfortunately, I can't pass a strap through the wheels and I don't have wheel nets. Any advice? Thanks
  5. What I must know is, how did you get those jeans to last 44 years?
  6. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen one mounted there either. I just figured they wouldn’t offer it there if it wasn’t secure. These guys are welding axles, winch plates and couplers to the frame, so a spare seems low risk.. My use for this trailer is for a variety of car sizes, from 12’ long to 17’. For the bigger cars, I’m kind of threading the needle a bit. Having the spare up, out of the way will be helpful. When I tow a smaller car, I’ll probably move it down for easy access should I get a flat. I’m not sure that I would have thought of that, so I do appreciate the comment. The pool noodle is also a great idea. I also plan to paint the edges of the ramp wood a bright color to help people see it.
  7. Do you know of any incidence of a spare tire breaking loose and flying around?
  8. Based on the rear bumper, it looks like that car is supposed to have the spare tire on the back.
  9. I totally agree getting a light trailer is more of a challenge then I thought it would be. I've spent about 2 years looking at everything I could find and ended up with an ATC Raven with every lightening option they offered. I had them use aluminum for the inside walls and had to forgo the escape door because it adds about 200 lbs. According to the manufacturer, this trailer weighs 2,335 lbs. with a tongue weight of 190 lbs. I haven't had it weighed, but it pulls like it's light when empty. Later this week, I'll be hauling a car for the first time. That's a good suggestion. Thanks. I did talk through this with my salesman. I want to keep the tongue weight as low as possible, so that's why I put it in the back. When I trailer smaller, lighter cars, I'll move it upfront. Your point does inspire me to take it down just to see how heavy it is.
  10. I’m glad you mention this because I need to point out this is not a stock color. I had them mix it to get me to a battleship grey.
  11. Looks the same as the dash on my '30. (though it's missing the choke pull and the carburetor heat leaver)
  12. After a lot of research and hand-ringing, I decided to use DRYLOK Latex Concrete Floor Paint with silica added to it. I choose this because I figured it will be more resilient over time then the other options I considered. The challenge of using this material is it is very thin compared to other paints. I presume this is so it will penetrate cement. Because of this, the wood soaked it up pretty quickly. In hindsight, a coat of primer might have been a good idea. I was able to do one coat over the entire 22" trailer and ramp. I then finished of the remaining paint off by applying an addition three more coats to the ramp. I'll definitely need another coat inside the trailer. With the silica mixed in to the paint, it was a bit of a challenge getting it even across the surface since it sinks to the bottom of the can. However, this did allow me to use the remaining, silica rich paint on the ramp. EDIT: The color I have was mixed to get to a battleship grey. It’s not a stock color. 0
  13. Quite often, I’m moving it to a different car to have a second battery as a backup. Also, I sometimes store my cars where there’s no outlet for a trickle charger. The Optima makes it real easy to take the battery home.
  14. Same here. I've had one for 6 years that is still strong and bought another last month. I like that they are compact and light enough I can move them easily from car to car..