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  1. I carry a second Optima 6V with me. I have two of them because I have two 6V cars, so it's essentially free. And, they are light enough to move between cars easily and fit in the battery box with the primary battery.
  2. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1934-pierce-arrow-1245-silver-arrow-coupe/
  3. I have the same, er, affliction. I have yet to catalog my books formally, but I'd guess I have 1,500 or so. The way I have them displayed is based on how I would go looking for that particular book. Some things are obvious, like keeping all Automobile Quarterlies together. Along that same theme, I have the full set of Crestline books which look nice all on the same shelf. Beyond "collections" within the collection, I sort by subject matter. Biographies are together but in two groups: Racing and auto industry. Same for marque histories: racing and road cars. Then there is a shelf for general, "
  4. I've had good luck with the Facebook marketplace. It's free and people use their real identity.
  5. I think you’re conflating feelings about Tesla vs. EVs in general.
  6. I was wondering if anyone is aware of a registry for 1957 Corvettes. I’m trying to help someone locate a car that was previously owned by her father. She just was hoping to see it and maybe sit in it. Thanks
  7. Those guys weren’t good enough to be hacks.
  8. How’d you get such a great shine from the original paint? Looks fantastic.
  9. her advice is nothing the sneeze at. How did her car look? I doubt I could cough up enough money to do the entire car with Vicks. Though I did hear it’s great at eliminating traffic congestion.
  10. This summarizes my experience as well. I’ve bought seven cars remotely in the last few years. Only one surprised me by being nicer then I hoped. The rest had issues, but none so great I regretted the purchase. I assess the amount of risk I am taking and arrive at a price that makes me comfortable. Cars that I have been in search of for a while, I will take more risk. The most constant occurance is a car I think I’m getting a really good deal on turn out not to be so.
  11. Here's a non-expert opinion...without seeing the car in person. I wouldn't call it cheap, but it seems like a good value. These cars' values have a downward trajectory, so I'd say the buyer got a jump on this trend.
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