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  1. How’d you get such a great shine from the original paint? Looks fantastic.
  2. her advice is nothing the sneeze at. How did her car look? I doubt I could cough up enough money to do the entire car with Vicks. Though I did hear it’s great at eliminating traffic congestion.
  3. This summarizes my experience as well. I’ve bought seven cars remotely in the last few years. Only one surprised me by being nicer then I hoped. The rest had issues, but none so great I regretted the purchase. I assess the amount of risk I am taking and arrive at a price that makes me comfortable. Cars that I have been in search of for a while, I will take more risk. The most constant occurance is a car I think I’m getting a really good deal on turn out not to be so.
  4. Here's a non-expert opinion...without seeing the car in person. I wouldn't call it cheap, but it seems like a good value. These cars' values have a downward trajectory, so I'd say the buyer got a jump on this trend.
  5. Prewar cars are starting to bring more money on that site. I know you like to trash and dismiss BaT, but I’ll wager it is exposing more young people to Prewar cars then anything else out there. In addition to your “nitpickers”, there are plenty of comments from people expressing a new-found appreciation for these cars. BaT indicates When there is no reserve in the auction title. The sellers can reveal if a reserve has been met, or if the bidding is close.
  6. @38Buick 80C I’ve got a ‘30 64C that was pretty complete before I restored it. Let me know if you need pictures of anything as you get further into your project.
  7. Can you explain the rationale behind this? It seems counter-intuitive based on what I know about octane. A higher number means it takes more compression/heat to ignite. The heat riser seems like a good thing on a low compression/cold engine.
  8. I'm glad to see Miatas getting so much love here. I got my first one in 1990 and, in the passing time, have only been Miataless for about a year. Last year, I bought a '94 M Edition, which was the first time I'd driven an NA in 16 years. I forgot how fantastic these things are. Enjoy!
  9. This is a great thread! I could probably list a few, but off the top of my mind: Fiat Topolino
  10. Anyone that thinks young people don't like cars needs to get out and expand their world view a bit. They love cars. What they don't love is old-guy stuff. I can't believe we have this same conversation so often. 🤦‍♂️
  11. The difference this time is all the plants are closed, so there isn’t a growing glut of inventory. I’ll guess that will change when the fire the factories back up.
  12. I think you're conflating unrelated issues. The last Space Shuttle mission happened nearly 22 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall.
  13. The point wasn't to average 55 MPH. The point was to show it was safe to drive faster. The first modern record was set by Brock Yates and Dan Gurney in a Ferrari Daytona.
  14. The BBC is doing a podcast on this event right now. Check it out at:
  15. I wasn't thinking the organizers would scale it back. My worry is enough participants stay away that this year's event is considerably smaller. A lot of vendors and car show entrants are grey haired too.