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  1. I have a few RHD cars and really enjoy the oddity of them. They are both Japanese Domestic Market cars (JDM) that were only available there. So, if you want one, you have to settle for RHD. They made some really interesting cars when the economic bubble there was inflating in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Sitting on the “wrong” side is part of the fun with these things. The one on the left is a Honda Beat and the right a Nissan Figaro. I do agree with Matt that a car sold here in LHD is not something I would want as RHD (except maybe an original Mini Cooper).
  2. I saw it Saturday night. There were too many Hollywood embellishments for me to give it a thumbs up. I have an issue with any movie that is “based on a true story” in that they almost always rewrite details to make it more entertaining. I certainly see why audiences give it good reviews. But as a car/racing history buff, there were too many cringeworthy moments.
  3. I’ll guess the number of people in this thread who have purchased a new Mustang in the last ten years or will purchase one in the future is somewhere between 0 and 1.
  4. IRP is a different facility, unrelated to The Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It's owned by the NHRA. I wonder who will say "Drivers, Start Your Engines!" in the future?
  5. I bought an ATC enclosed trailer a few months ago and will be storing it outdoors in the winter wonderland of Wisconsin. Is there any advice you can give me on things I should do to better protect it from the elements? Thanks.
  6. This thread reminds me of my trips to the Indy 500. Every year, while walking to the track, we are greeted by people preaching about the coming of end of the world. As far as I can tell, the only thing that has changed in the last twenty years of their preaching is there are more people walking past them on the way to the speedway. The car hobby is fine. Well, except for people making noise complaining that it's not fine.
  7. That's me. I wish it were closer as I'm in the market for one of these. I'd also like to know what the best resource online is for vintage tractors.
  8. If you want to know what attracts young people to car events, it's 80's and 90's cars. There is an event called Radwood that just took place in Detroit which is a great illustration of what is happening at the other end of the age spectrum. The event "is a celebration of '80s and '90s automotive lifestyle" and is very well attended. Sharing a show field at an AACA event with cars from this era is a great way to interact with younger enthusiasts.
  9. I don't recall seeing those, but I'll need to take a closer look. Thanks.
  10. Looking under the front of my '39 LaSalle, I'm not sure what the best thing is to connect my tie down straps to. The rear is pretty obvious, with the solid axle. Unfortunately, I can't pass a strap through the wheels and I don't have wheel nets. Any advice? Thanks
  11. What I must know is, how did you get those jeans to last 44 years?
  12. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen one mounted there either. I just figured they wouldn’t offer it there if it wasn’t secure. These guys are welding axles, winch plates and couplers to the frame, so a spare seems low risk.. My use for this trailer is for a variety of car sizes, from 12’ long to 17’. For the bigger cars, I’m kind of threading the needle a bit. Having the spare up, out of the way will be helpful. When I tow a smaller car, I’ll probably move it down for easy access should I get a flat. I’m not sure that I would have thought of that, so I do appreciate the comment. The pool noodle is also a great idea. I also plan to paint the edges of the ramp wood a bright color to help people see it.
  13. Do you know of any incidence of a spare tire breaking loose and flying around?