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  1. Call Eldon Hostetler in Shipshewana, IN. He has more Hudsons than anyone I know of and may know of somebody who has what you need if he doesn't have it himself.
  2. First Series E-Type Jaguar drophead (convertible). Timeless lines, no contest for a production car and auction prices for a non-rare car like this bear me out. Keeping them running is another matter of course but I would love to have one sitting in my living room.
  3. [quote Not trying to make a comparison between the two men, but maybe some comparisons to their collections. I would say that John O'Quinn was well on his way to a comparable collection before his untimely death. You might even say there were some parallels between the two with neither of them having any provisions in their estate planning for the collection after they were gone. Herbie3Rivers also mentioned Jay Leno as being on his way to rivaling Harrah's collection. Most people would be surprised to know that there are collectors out there with fabulous collections that NOBODY (even those
  4. Mike, I'm just down the road about an hour from you in Louisville. I would like to drive up there and see your Dodge if you haven't sold it in the next couple of weeks. This weekend is Mothers' Day but how about the following Saturday or Sunday if the weather is nice for a drive? Bill
  5. My water pump on my 1915 DB Tourer was weeping at both shaft ends and I re-packed it about 2 months ago. It now works just fine with no leaks and I did not need to take the pump out which would have been a lot of trouble. I found out that lubricant-impregated string packing is not easy to find in the parts stores like PEP Boys, NAPA, Autozone, etc. The guys look at you like they don't know what you are talking about so I bought a small roll of a couple of feet from Restoration Supply as I recall. The smallest diameter they had was actually too big to easily seat into the fittings (especial
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