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  1. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know where the engine number is located on a 3 point suspension engine for a 1922 Oldsmobile 43AT? Thanks to Mark Santos, he told me where the engine number on my spare engine was located (4 point Suspension engine). It is not on the flywheel as it is on a 1922 Chevy. Thank you for any help that you can give me. OLDMAN
  2. Thank you George, but I had mine repaired. OLDMAN
  3. 48 year mystery solved thanks to you, Mark. I purchased my 1922 Oldsmobile 43AT in 1973. It came with a spare engine. I long suspected that the spare engine, which has a busted block and a busted cylinder head, was the original engine. The Serial Number Plate on the Dash (firewall) of my car shows Motor No. B17037 and Car No. 16476. The spare engine is set up for 4 point suspension, and the engine in my car has a 3 point suspension. Oldsmobile used the Front Motor Arm for the 4 point suspension up to engine No. B24664. After engine No. B24664, Oldsmobile went to a 3 point suspension. My car is set up for both a 4 point and a 3 point suspension. The 3 point suspension engine does not have the Front Motor Arm. Instead, it has a cast iron Gear Cover which rests on and is bolted to the Front Cross Member of the frame. The Gear Cover for the 4 point suspension is stamped steel. Since the engine in my car does not have the Front Motor Arm, there is no place for the motor number. I was able to find the motor number on the Front Motor Arm of the spare engine right where you showed it in your posting. Thus, proving that the spare engine was the original engine. In the 9 years it took me to restore my car, I could not locate an engine number. Unlike a '22 Chevy, the engine number is not stamped on the fly wheel. Thank you very much, Mark, for solving this mystery and the offer to help me with my 43A. -- OLDMAN (Ross)
  4. Thank you, I will check my '22 Olds tomorrow.
  5. Tinindian. Yes the engines are pretty much the same. Oldsmobile used the basic engine of the Chevrolet and put their name on the intake manifold plate. Where is the engine number on the 1922 Chevy?
  6. nzcarnerd. I quess that it is possible. Thank you
  7. Can someone tell me where the engine no. is located on the engine of my 1922 Oldsmobile Model 43AT? I have the plaque on the "fire wall" identifying the engine no. , but can not locate the no. on the engine itself. I have located casting numbers, but no engine no. Thank you, OLDMAN
  8. Thank you for your quick response. I contacted them, but they only have a two wire cut-out/relay. Tom Hannaford is going to send me a wiring diagram to see if his generic one listed for my car will work. OLDMAN
  9. Hello everyone, I need a cut-out/relay for my 1922/23 Oldsmobile model 43A (6 volt). Attached are pictures with and without the cover. Thank you, OLDMAN
  10. I am starting to put my clutch back together and the original manual says to put powdered graphic on the two friction mats (discs) before installing. This seems to be counter intuitive. I would think that it would make the clutch slip, however when I serviced the clutch a few years ago, I put way too much graphic on the mats and the clutch froze and would not disengage. When I pulled the clutch apart yesterday, the mats and driven disc were stuck together and to the bell housing. Any thoughts on this? Thank you, OLDMAN PS If i can't fix it this time, I will contact Restorer32 and have them do the work.
  11. Hi George, Just curious- has the head been pressure tested for leaks? Do you have a picture you could post? Thank you, OLDMAN
  12. George- Thank you for your post. A month ago I would have purchase the head, however I was able to get mine repaired (metal stitching) and it is back on the engine and the car runs like it just came from the factory. I think that you will have no problem selling the one you have. OLDMAN
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