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  1. Gary, I just had a heart attack! I thought you were selling your Cat! Man! Don't do this to me... LOL... Not a bad price for that one though. Looks great from the pics. Should be an easy resto.
  2. 51 and I got my Cat when I was 47. But it wasn't my first introduction to Buicks. My parents had a 72 Skylark 2 door. They always liked Buicks. I enjoyed the sheer power of the Lark. Got to take my drivers test in it.
  3. Try here. It's where I got mine for my 63 Cat. Old Buick Parts - CARS. Inc.
  4. Dan, Here's what I've found. 1955 Buick Wildcat III Concept Images, Information and History | Conceptcarz.com 1955 Buick Wildcat III Concept - Generations of GM 1955 Buick WildCat III - Concepts As far as I have searched those are the only images of the Wildcat III. -SGM
  5. I'd like to know if I can get my name and information taken off of the roster. For me it's just to much personal information out there. And actually it's being done without my permission.
  6. New to the forum, but not to Buicks. I've had my '63 Kat for 4 years now and have had a blast restoring it and just enjoy driving it.
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