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  1. Stop over OBL 33/34 and say hello Charlie ??
  2. OBL 33/34 I have Volkswagen some Chevy parts and A Massive $1.00 pile that I'm sure anyone will find at least something ???stopin and say Hello (o\!/o)
  3. Thank You,I looked it over and must have missed it..I guess it's time to tuck one away in the Bathroom and get reacquainted again..lol Thanx Rob??
  4. Was wondering if you can display a RETIRED HPOF badge on a Vehicle starting the point judge classes..really haven't seen any on vehicles in point classes or is this not procedure or not to common to have a vehicle switch classes after obtaining there award in HPOF/POINT JUDGING classes and running through the next process of Judging..
  5. I Have to agree there is some poorly judged vehicles on the show field as I noticed Saturday at Hershey that had there Junior,Senior,and Grand National even. I Seen one that stood out like a soar thumb it had more aftermarket parts on it than a J.C Whitney catalogue even stocks in it!!!! It hurts to see this happen to the Guy that go's the extra mile to compete on a high level as everyone else does on the show field and spent mega money to obtain these original parts and restore them back to there glory only to have Mr.Aftermarket obtain the same status...and it also had painted over parts that should have been cad plated and over spray and paint on parts that should not had any on them.I will agree with llskis who ever judged this vehicle had no clue to rite from wrong...
  6. I will be at Hershey if anyone Has a Blaupunkt Monterey SQR 23 radio Manual they are interested is selling..Thanx Rob
  7. Oh well,I guess it is what it is...air,water,beetle,bus,ghia,rabbit,cabriolet and so on are the same I guess,as long as it has a VW placed on it I guess that means there's no difference from any make to another...just sayin' ( o \ ! / o )
  8. I Find it hard to believe that owning a VW put someone at a ''DISADVANTAGE'' competing against larger production cars...I see it as a bit of an advantage,If these vw owners would take the time and put some extra effort and passion into the quality of work and have that fine eye for detail and use quality parts(Wolfsburg west) they would have a 380+ point vehicle.I restored my Volkswagen in my Garage,used the world wide web,hit swap meets and talked to many people to achieve senior status of my'65 Beetle and yes I got my first junior @ Hershey in 2010 in 27f with 8 other vehicles competing for there 1st junior status. There are other vw owners here on this thread that put a 110% into there restorations and have amazing detail and properly restored parts as needed to achieve the status of there vehicles and it reflects the passion of what the AACA stands for..that is why I gave up attending all Volkswagen events..as to the survey it is not accomplishing anything,only putting Volkswagens by themselves???Don't understand the reasoning (1938 to 1987+) all in one class,air and water cooled but no type II's..I think I will stick to judging the Volkswagen class instead of showing in it..sorry just my feelings ( o \ ! / o )
  9. That's great news to hear Steve I think all Volkswagen owners will be happy to hear that they will have there chance to finally make there voice heard and put this to rest..I am happy to hear the great news !!!
  10. Awsome oval..best of luck with the finishing touches,hope to see those finished pics soon ( o \ ! / o )
  11. Sorry when I mentioned Judging,I was refering to Being a Judge NOT how the class was Judged..sorry..
  12. Yep..as Charlie stated it "stinks"..the air and the turn out for O4B this year @ Hershey..I was the only Judged vw at the meet this year and i do have to say it "stinks" I remember before this class the numbers of vw's on the field were way better in there respected classes..i hope the "work in progress" gets working instead of "being unemployed" as I stated before the class would be better off having all air cooled vw's seperated into 3 groups by these years 46-57 58-67 68-79..these years were the major changes by vw..I feel this is why so many of our fellow vw members are not participating since the class change..I hope we can get some results solved for 2013..IT REALY SUCKED TO HAVE EVERYONE SAY HOW COME THERES NO OTHER VOLKSWAGENS HERE,there were others registered but no shows..as to our H2O VW owners they should be placed with the production year vehicles,just like the other compact size cars by other makes..omni,chevette,vega,etc..that are in there respected classes..as Charlie stated i most likley won't be showing next year @ Hershey..1. I felt like the GIANT in the class 2.the small turn out in this class 3.the smell 4.Judging..I hope someone gets with us O4B owners and asks us our opinions instead of COMPLAINING here and not getting anything done. Thanx,Rob
  13. Thank you for the info on obtaining the judging sheet(s), I will be requesting mine. I was going for a Grand National Award on Fri, but a noticeably inferior car received a better rating than my entry. Judging standards paled in comparison to other meets I've attended.
  14. I understand the logic of the class but not the placement of certain cars in this class... A vw rabbit and not a pontiac fiero...there even smaller,I walked the field to see the other cars and and there were other examples that should have been considerd..?? I think they should have a class for air cooled vw's type 1,2,3,4 just like t-birds,corvettes,mustangs...I know we all have our own ideas on what we would like to see,hopefuly we can all get our input to where it counts the most...
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