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  1. I used Restoration Specialties in PA 814-467-9842 9-5 EST. they were great , The right clips are not cheep but if you do the math their wort every penny . The time you save trying to make any thing else work is well worth the cost.
  2. . I'm the guy that built the car , with lots of input from this fourm. The chassis is all orginal I moved the tail lights to the fenders like they did the coups the headlights are from a 37 .
  3. National woodie club members Jim Cury with his 1938 Plymouth and Rick Thomas and his 1936 Dodge out on National Drive your Woodie Day In New Braunfels Tx
  4. https://flic.kr/s/aHsjLSSVfB 1936 dodge woodie project
  5. Man I missed this post and now I need to. Know I got my engin back and want to install the oil pump but don't know where to start
  6. Yes the rear doors were originally suicide doors
  7. Link to 1936 dodge woodie project. https://flic.kr/s/aHsjLSSVfB
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