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  1. Well, i have this project and it needs a new home for the finish, part out, what ever. I do not have any other pics at this point. I will be back in Michigan for a few weeks in June/July, then i will be gone for about 9 - 12 months. I hope to sell it b-4 then but i will move it to another location while im back in MI. This is a good deal for 7 grand.
  2. Mr Earl, suicide doors, std on 4 door, i really would have loved to drive this car all over the country. As far as pictures, i may have some on a card somewhere, the car was a running driving original 70,000 mile example from Albany NY., and needed a lot of of suspension, engine, and interior work. Was the perfect platform for my build. My wife loved the car also, go figure! RiKi, i appreciate you input, i just want to find someone who appreciates this kind of modified project, seems everyone in "moved on" to more complex and technical builds. I still appreciate a ride that is simple, stable and efficient..which i can fix with a small tool box!!
  3. I have over 25,000 invested in this project, i would let this car go cheaper, and i know it is not a super desirable year and style, i always wanted an 18 foot long sports car. If you are serious make me an offer.
  4. Thanks, would love to finish it, i no longer own a home to do a project, and are loosing my storage by spring of 2018.
  5. Dale, that is a stock Camaro/Firebird front sub frame, no mods were done.
  6. 1940 Buick Special Series 40, with side mount fenders. There is way too much stuff here, for $7500.00 I have lost storage, car needs new owner to finish it! Here is a brief description of the car: All steel, stock body all metal work has already been done with bumper mount holes hidden, body is mounted on an custom built square tube frame. Doors are hung on body, front and rear fenders, hood deck lid, and core support are bolted and hung for transport. The engine has been pickled, and the car and parts have been in heated storage. Custom frame includes: Buick Regal rear suspension cradle with a 10 Bolt Grand National 3:42-1 axle. Camaro/Firebird front cradle with Rebuilt modified 350ci 4 bbl (9.5-1) compression Buick Engine, it has been run for proper break in, Crower level 2 cam, Kieth Black Custom forged pistons, iron heads and intake, with tuned Q-Jet carb. The transmission is a 200-R4 Grand National Transmission. Front set up for Disc brakes, real axle set up for drum brakes. Parts included but not assembled: Late model GM Regal tilt column with key, 2 front seats full power from 2001 GMC Truck, not leather, with integrated shoulder belts and seat belts, 1 NOS windshield wiper Bezel, Aluminum aftermarket front Grille new in box, side mount original tire covers-missing tire mounting arms, all the body trim, original glass for patterns, tail lights, many extra pot metal parts in very good condition IE: front turn signal assembly's, hood ornament, deck lid hinges. All the door jambs and window frames have been sprayed with PPG version of Chevrolet Corvette color "Supersonic Blue". The Buick has a clean Michigan Title which i have in my possession. The car is stored in Berkley Michigan, in a private garage, and arrangements will have to be made to see the car, since i no longer live in Michigan. The car is currently in rolling condition, no brakes, no steering, no driveshaft, no glass, no wiring, no interior. You will have to arrange transportation from the Berkley Michigan location. Call Dave Dechent @ cell 248-459-193
  7. Thanks Berta, saw those already. The Special hinges are not as long, and a bit wider, those appear to be Super hinges. Hope all is well in your world!!
  8. Sorry for the confusion, i am looking to BUY a pair of hinges...and looking to spend about 125.00 bucks or less on a nice pair.
  9. Looking for a pair of good used, non pitted pot metal trunk hinges. I lost a bid on a nice set on Evil-Bay a few months ago, and no nice ones have been re-listed. Price range of $100 to $125. Thanks!!
  10. I am in need of wells for sidemount fenders on my 1940 Buick Special, they are too rusty to fix, any ideas on where i can get aftermarket replacment parts? Thanks in advance!!
  11. I am not sure the car has one, there is a dome light though. I looked on the door jambs and there was no switch.
  12. John, the face is nice, but not perfect, has a small crack right by the odometer. The chrome ring is rusty, the glass is good. I have a digital picture somewhere if you are interested..$45.00
  13. Thanks John, i have not been on in a while.