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  1. I was building a customized 1936 Auburn speedster that was to be a one of a kind show stopper!My dream car project has now ended due to cancer.The car and some others I have are now all for sale.I also have a lot of that I will sell. Also shop manuals,sales lit.much more. The Auburn is fiberglass with 350 chevy running gear. I spent a lot of time and money on this car and would,when finished,expect it to sell for $75,000 up!There is way too much to tell about here.I do have photos I can email.I also have a 56 Dodge two door post mild custom last driven in 2001 and a 63 Falcon futura convertible with a 67 mustang 289 and four speed on the floor.The falcon is used for local summer,fall,car shows etc. My home phone is 828 685 8520 Email is
  2. Hi guys,Anyone have a good used windshield frame for a 35/36 Auburn speedster? looking for something that might have come off a wrecked reproduction or Glen Prey car. Mine is not an original.Thanks for any help.Best regards,Grandpa Marc :eek:
  3. Hi, grandpa Marc again.I just checked ebay and there is many there at prices all over the place !! I am very much surpised at some of the prices! I would highly suggest you check ebay first! Best regards,grandpa Marc
  4. Hi Dave,Sorry,the car is long gone.Best regards,Marc
  5. Hi, I have NOS R-12. This stuff is next to impossible to get any more unless you are a licensed tech.Price has gone sky high. $75 per can plus actual shipping cost.Best regards,grandpa Marc
  6. What are you asking for them? Thanks. Grandpa Marc
  7. I have a number of various manuals for sale . Enclosed are photos of a few. Will sell for $ 25 each plus flat rate ship.Grandpa Marc. email at
  8. Hi all, I am looking for a decent set of64 to 67 Buick 14 inch skylark GS wire wheel covers with two ear spinner. I want to use them on a Jag SS100 kit car reproduction.The wheels are 14 inch steel 4 bolt.I am not sure , but they may be pinto. I also need to know if the buick covers will fit. Enclosed is a photo of what is on a car like mine.I don't know if this is a wheel cover or an actual wire wheel. I want to make my wheels look like the photo and the Buick is very close. Thanks for your help. Best regards,grandpa Marc P.S. I have a lot of misc. nos Buick pieces/parts I would like to sell.
  9. Hi all,The photo I sent may have been an actual wire wheel.I have discovered there is a wire wheel cover that is 99% the same. Aparantly the 64 to 67 buick skylark GS used it. Now the question is,anyone have a decent set of these to sell? 14 inch.Thanks again for all your input and help.Best regards,grandpa Marc
  10. Hi Dave,Thanks for your reply.It could be MG aftermarket.I will see if I can find it there.Best regards,grandpa Marc
  11. Hi,Thanks for your reply.You may be right but I have seen this as a cover and it looks like a wire wheel.Best regards,Grandpa Marc.
  12. Hi all,I have a kit car that I would like to put the enclosed photo of this wheel cover on.My car has 14 inch 4 lug steel wheels that I beleive are pinto.The photo shows this on the same kit car, a replica of 1937 Jaguar ss 100.I have not been able to find this wheel cover anywhere.Can anyone identify what car this may have been used on and where I might be able to get a set? Thanks for your help.Best regards,Grandpa Marc
  13. I have a large collection of ACD news letters in binders and loose.Also some of issues of "The Accelerator" I did'nt count them but I would give a safe estamate that there is well over a thousand going back to the 1950's.There is fourteen binders,some very thick,and a fair size pile of loose ones.These are all in clean as new condition.They would have to be shipped in several boxes due to the weight. (parcel post) Price is $500 plus the actual shipping cost. Thanks. Grandpa Marc email is
  14. Hi again,I contacted you earlier and I beleive I forgot to give you my email regarding sending photos of parts I have. My email Please send me yours so I can foward the pics. Best regards,Grandpa Marc
  15. HI, I have a number of N.O.S and some used parts.Please send me your email and I will send some photos.Best regards,Grandpa Marc
  16. I have a lot of early GM point sets,condensors ,NOS,also some distributer caps,1975 mopar coil,all NOS.There is a total of 108 pieces.I would sell it all for $ 225 plus the actual shipping.Thanks.Best regards,Grandpa Marc email at.....
  17. Still looking for a tail light housing for a c.m. hall three lens type B tail light. All help greatly aprecciated. Thanks.Grandpa Marc email
  18. Hi, Do you have a clear round 2/34 inch domed lens for a c.m. hall style B tail light?This is a light that was used on 1920's 30's packard ,marmon,and others.Also looking for a tail light housing.Thanks.Best regards,grandpa Marc.
  19. I have a 1939 Pontiac garage service flat rate manual in good condition over all. Very clean pages with a very few written notes on one page.It measures 5 1/2 inches wide by 9 1/2 inches long and is 123 pages. A great collector piece of what it used to be.Example,labor $1.00 per hour.Bleed all four brakes $1.40. Replace master cylinder $ 2.20.It is also full of diagrahams.This is just a wonderful piece of nostagia and a great conversation piece for your collection. Oh the good old days! Wish I could get the same price today!! Price is $ 15 plus $ 5 s&h. Best regards,grandpa Marc email
  20. I have a lot of misc. nos ignition points,condensers,distiburter caps,etc. I beleive most of the points & condensers are 1940's 50's.There is a nos 1975 mopar coil also.There is a total of 108 pieces.I would sell it all for $275 plus shipping. Best regards,grandpa Marc email
  21. I am looking for a tail light housing/bucket for a 1920's30's packard three lens light.I beleive what I have is a bezel from a c.m. hall type b tail light. This light was also used on other cars like cadillac,buick,marmon.Thanks.Best regards,grandpa Marc attention scamers. Don't bother replying trying to sell parts you don't have and no nothing about!! We are not that stupid!
  22. Hi Ben, I don't realy know.I am useing the lights on something else.The lens are clear on the left,smaller red in the middle,and red on the right.the housing is marked C.M hall type B. I have been told this was used on Packard,Marmon,Cadilac,and other 20,s 30,s cars,Wish i could be of more help.Best regards,Marc
  23. Grandpa Marc


    I am looking for a tail light bucket for a C.M. Hall type B three lens tail light. Thanks for your help. Best regards,Grandpa Marc P.S. to all scamers reading these posts. Don't bother to reply trying to sell parts you don't know anything about and don't have!! We are not that stupid!!
  24. I am looking for 1920's 30's C.M. hall three lens tail lights or other makes that look very similar. Thanks for any help. Best regards,Grandpa Marc
  25. Hi,I have a lot of what you are looking for.There is much to much to list it all.Please send me a list of all the specific items you are wanting and price you are willing to pay.Hope I can be of help.Best regards,Grandpa Marc.P.S. you can email me at I have photos of a lot of it.