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  1. I was building a customized 1936 Auburn speedster that was to be a one of a kind show stopper!My dream car project has now ended due to cancer.The car and some others I have are now all for sale.I also have a lot of misc.parts that I will sell. Also shop manuals,sales lit.much more. The Auburn is fiberglass with 350 chevy running gear. I spent a lot of time and money on this car and would,when finished,expect it to sell for $75,000 up!There is way too much to tell about here.I do have photos I can email.I also have a 56 Dodge two door post mild custom last driven in 2001 and a 63 Falcon futura
  2. Hi guys,Anyone have a good used windshield frame for a 35/36 Auburn speedster? looking for something that might have come off a wrecked reproduction or Glen Prey car. Mine is not an original.Thanks for any help.Best regards,Grandpa Marc :eek:
  3. Hi, grandpa Marc again.I just checked ebay and there is many there at prices all over the place !! I am very much surpised at some of the prices! I would highly suggest you check ebay first! Best regards,grandpa Marc
  4. Hi Dave,Sorry,the car is long gone.Best regards,Marc
  5. Hi, I have NOS R-12. This stuff is next to impossible to get any more unless you are a licensed tech.Price has gone sky high. $75 per can plus actual shipping cost.Best regards,grandpa Marc
  6. What are you asking for them? Thanks. Grandpa Marc
  7. I have a number of various manuals for sale . Enclosed are photos of a few. Will sell for $ 25 each plus flat rate ship.Grandpa Marc. email at ...folsmont@hughes.net
  8. Hi all, I am looking for a decent set of64 to 67 Buick 14 inch skylark GS wire wheel covers with two ear spinner. I want to use them on a Jag SS100 kit car reproduction.The wheels are 14 inch steel 4 bolt.I am not sure , but they may be pinto. I also need to know if the buick covers will fit. Enclosed is a photo of what is on a car like mine.I don't know if this is a wheel cover or an actual wire wheel. I want to make my wheels look like the photo and the Buick is very close. Thanks for your help. Best regards,grandpa Marc P.S. I have a lot of misc. nos Buick pieces/parts I would like to sell.
  9. Hi all,The photo I sent may have been an actual wire wheel.I have discovered there is a wire wheel cover that is 99% the same. Aparantly the 64 to 67 buick skylark GS used it. Now the question is,anyone have a decent set of these to sell? 14 inch.Thanks again for all your input and help.Best regards,grandpa Marc
  10. Hi Dave,Thanks for your reply.It could be MG aftermarket.I will see if I can find it there.Best regards,grandpa Marc
  11. Hi,Thanks for your reply.You may be right but I have seen this as a cover and it looks like a wire wheel.Best regards,Grandpa Marc.
  12. Hi all,I have a kit car that I would like to put the enclosed photo of this wheel cover on.My car has 14 inch 4 lug steel wheels that I beleive are pinto.The photo shows this on the same kit car, a replica of 1937 Jaguar ss 100.I have not been able to find this wheel cover anywhere.Can anyone identify what car this may have been used on and where I might be able to get a set? Thanks for your help.Best regards,Grandpa Marc
  13. I have a large collection of ACD news letters in binders and loose.Also some of issues of "The Accelerator" I did'nt count them but I would give a safe estamate that there is well over a thousand going back to the 1950's.There is fourteen binders,some very thick,and a fair size pile of loose ones.These are all in clean as new condition.They would have to be shipped in several boxes due to the weight. (parcel post) Price is $500 plus the actual shipping cost. Thanks. Grandpa Marc email is folsmont@hughes.net
  14. Hi again,I contacted you earlier and I beleive I forgot to give you my email regarding sending photos of parts I have. My email is......folsmont@hughes.net Please send me yours so I can foward the pics. Best regards,Grandpa Marc
  15. HI, I have a number of N.O.S and some used parts.Please send me your email and I will send some photos.Best regards,Grandpa Marc
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