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  1. Yes CCarl I am, creigslist, and it will be on EBay shortly.
  2. Sorry, the location is Omaha Nebraska.
  3. FYI, I have posted the car for sale thanks to all of you for your help, working on this car has been more fun than I have had in a long time.
  4. This 29 Dodge needs some TLC. I cannot finish it myself, so would like it to go to somebody that will finish it. Since I have been working on it the following things have been done: motor was put back into working order interior was refurbished brake cyl. and lines were rebuilt, and flushed gas tank was boiled out and lined radiator was flushed and tested running boards were replaced new tires and tubes installed wood wheels were stripped, sanded, and stained points, plugs, rotor and rotor cap 2 waterpump shafts new muffler system I have some new parts bought, waiting to be installed such as, wiring harness, set of King pins, oil filters, a few books and a new metal tool compartment for under the front seat. I am looking to get $9500.00 contact me at
  5. WOW !!!!!! I guess I need to be politically correct. The materials used to referbish the interior were as close as possible to those used in the factory. It looks very close to what it looked like when I got it, except a lot newer. The price I settled on is $9500.00, that's a middle of the road price to start at. Thank you C Carl for your wishes for good health, I appreciate that.
  6. That's cool, I always thought somebody painted it a different color. Now I have proof, thanks for your help.
  7. I'll probably wright something up, and put it on the forum, in case anybody has any interest in it. I have some new parts and some books that will go with it, so it will take. A couple weeks to get it together. Haven't decided on a price yet ( I'm flexible ) but you guys have helped a lot. Thanks
  8. Yellow and black is what I think the cab company painted it. I'm not sure but if you look very close on the door, you can see the outline of what use to be a sign ( very hard to see ) so I believe it was a cab. Is that possible ?
  9. That's a good idea, thanks for your help.
  10. I'm new to your form, but will just dive in. I'm selling my 29 Dodge Brothers DA, and don't know where to begin to price it. It's all original, interior is done, engine runs good,gas tank has been flushed and coated, radiator has been flushed and checked out, brakes have been rebuilt,running boards have been replaced, wheels have been refinished, there is still work to be done, but for health reasons it's time to sell. Any suggestions ?
  11. Don't know anything about the ux-2, would need a pic and distance between bolt holes, but would be interested. Len
  12. I am looking for a carburetor for my 1929 Dodge DA, 6 cal. i have a stromburg u2 that I bought 3 years ago on ebay, only to find it falling apart last summer. the guy I bought it from lined the bowl with something to keep it together, because it had been broken in 4 pieces, but the stuff he used to line it would not handle gas and started breaking down, until it fell apart. i know these are hard to find, but don't know what other carburetors will work on it. any help along these lines. Len
  13. You might have something there, can't do any more damage can I
  14. I have a Stromberg U2 carburetor That I bought 2 years ago for my 29 Dodge. While working on the car, I broke an ear on the carburetor, where it bolts to the exhaust manifold. I have had no luck finding anyone to repair it ( pot metal ) and either need to find a replacement for this piece or sell the other parts to recoup some of my money ( it was not cheep ). Any help out there? Ltaylor
  15. Thank you again, I got the drum off with a lot of hammering and some WD40. Now all I need to do is find a new spoke and some bolts (at Fastenal ) and refinish everything. Hear are some pic's