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  1. Thanks for all the replies, curious to see how it performs at the next car show.
  2. A funny thing happened the other day. I've had my 35 Buick since about 1976 and since I restored it ,it's always been running with the radiator fan blade installed backwards! Never really had a bad problem with overheating but after working on my son's Mustang my neighbor informed that I had that fan on the wrong way so I looked at my Buick and it was the same angle since both motors turn clockwise when viewed from the front. Sure enough now my fan pulls air through the radiator instead of pushing it from behind. Boy do I feel dumb. Now I just need to find a smaller fan belt,mine's adjusted as
  3. I found that muradic acid works well but it should be dillutid, also put fresh gas in it right away.
  4. Are you sure midnight is when the bars closed and when you got married you couldn't hit the bars anymore? Just kidding.
  5. Back in 1978 I bought a 65 Caddillac that was a former paulbearer's car. Black with black and white leather interior. Nice car and I wished I still had it. Anyway I was in a carpool and a guy from Jamaica was too supporstious to ride in it.
  6. I have a35 with babbit bearings and haven't had any trouble yet. It won't go much past 50 because I think it's got the 4:33 rear end. Now I'm concerned. I think I'll change the oil soon! I've been using regular Valvevolean 40 weight, should I use something different? Thanks.
  7. I decided to freshen up my exhaust manifold on my 35 Buick with a can of high temp cast iron looking paint. I then noticed that the engine paint on that side was peeling off in places. It dosen't look like the water jacket cover is leaking although it has some surface rust. Under the engine paint that peeled off the block seemed to be damp with some surface rust,is that normal and how should I seal it so the new engine paint won't peel again in the future? Also doe's somebody make an aerosall can of 35 buick green engine paint?Thanks.Greg. P.S.I also noticed that I had a slight crack in my exh
  8. Halloween is coming and I wondered if anyone had any haunted car stories?
  9. I was wondering if anybody had a hand crank for a 35 Buick 41 series. Not that I'd use it but it'd be nice to have. Thanks.
  10. I had my 35 Buick covered up in my carport awhile back and we had a rat problem back then. Anyway I put some rat poison out and I noticed an awfull smell coming from my car later. It turned out that the rat had chewed through my front seat cushion and died inside my seat! Luckily the upholstery guy found it. I HATE RATS!
  11. Hi I have a 35 Buick that is in need of a starter rebuild. Turns over good when cold but S-L-O-W,when warmed up,I had to get it push started today. Could you give me an estimate? Thanks, Greg.
  12. I don't have a camera but i can probably get my neighbor to take it for me. Do you happen to have the headers i need? Thanks.
  13. I have a new set of ceramic coated headers that I'm unable to use for a 302/351W Ford. $150 obo. Will trade even for full length headers in nice shape,need not be new but must fit a 66 Mustang with a 351W. Thanks.
  14. I did a custom firewall on our 66 Mustang and deleted the heater blower and box. I just tried the blower motor and it works good. I'll take $50 obo. Needs finishing on the outside. Thanks.
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