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  1. Hold on to your pimp hats. Rumor is that AACA will include period correct modified Cadillac's as part of judging process. I can't wait to see the looks of disgust when I show my pimpmobiles !
  2. I just rescued this unique vehicle from a trailer park in suburban Detroit. It's a custom 1971 Ford LTD limousine. I'm guessing it's one of only a handful of such vehicles. Most believe it's an Andy Hotton of AHA associates creation. Lots of custom fits/features. Does anyone have any information to share on where/why/how many etc on this apparently rare modification.
  3. Thank you, Keiser, for the answer and the link !
  4. Excuse my ignorance but what is the correct name for these ribbed side pipes ? Are they readily available ?
  5. LOL...well first things first. I have to get the Olds to where I'm happy/proud of it then you can follow along in the Pontiac forum ! See ya in the spring. PS. I really like your screen name. Very funny.
  6. Well, I'm working my way through the different makes of ambulances. I already own a 1973 Cadillac Miller-Meteor hightop. I'm not buying for resale. I buy what I like and enjoy and assume others ( maybe few) will also. Next up, a nice 60's Pontiac ambulance. Gotta love the lightshow !
  7. A recent purchase while in Florida. Stripped the " Ghostbuster" gear off it and will restore it back to it's original glory. 2 youtube vids and photos attached.
  8. Looking for a 1973 DeVille front bumper in good shape. Thank you.