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  1. A guy on the Facebook page is looking for this part. I will buy and ship to him, or you can deal with him directly. It is the part where radiator hose is connected and then distributes water to each jacket, I believe
  2. Any idea who repairs or sells new speedomotor cable housing? Outside housing is broken.
  3. What is that little thing sticking out of the overdrive, just under the speedomotor cable, which looks something is supposed to plug into. It looks like some sort of switch or sender. Has female plug ends for electric wire. My overdrive has always works great. This thing has never had a wire going to it. What is it?
  4. It should line up. You adjust it at the other end. Here is a shot of mine before adding the bolt, and the opposite end where you adjust it.
  5. Interested. Need for 53 hornet. What do you mean 53 late?
  6. Like I said, I bought one from a guy cause I thought it was interesting, but my throw out bearing has no such thing (line with cup). If I remember correctly, there is one on my 1919 Dodge Brothers transmission I have. I didn't have a throw out bearing on my car, so I bought a 1962 throw out bearing and holder, did a little machining, and it fit fine. Or are we talking about something else?
  7. Now I'm worried that I don't have one on my 34 Dodge. (Thrust bearing cap)
  8. My 34 Dodge does NOT have a thrust bearing cap as you show in your photo. I bought one from a 30's Dodge truck. Nothing like it on my car. I have not seen one on a 34. Sorry I can't help you.
  9. No cracks in shells, as far as I can see. I see only minor dents that I honestly describe as the shells need work.
  10. I don't recall seeing any cracks in the shells themselves. I will take a closer look tonight, and take closer pictures for you. I have now put these on Ebay, with starting price of $25 but no bids yet.
  11. Hey...your steering column is on the wrong side! (Just kidding.)
  12. I sold one for $50 last night. (I sold the darker one, where the gas guage is closer to the filler opening). If you need the second one, it is also $50 plus shipping. Trying to make room in my garage. These belonged to my grandfather.
  13. I will try to find out shipping costs. I will charge actual shipping charges. I am at 61073 zip code (or 61105 work ) in case you want to estimate shipping. It weighs 15 pounds plus I will find a box that it fits in. You can private message me an offer. I am reasonable. I was about to put on ebay but I will wait to hear from ...
  14. For sale. Poor shape 34 Dodge headlights without the inside guts or lenses, plus 2 broken h/l stands. If you are disparate you can repair. I have conversion parts if you want to use modern bulb.
  15. Anyone need an early Dodge Brothers gas tank? I have 2 for sale. Slightly different but both rust free and 11.5" wide x 35.75" long. NOTE: THE ONE ON THE LEFT SOLD. THE ONE ON THE RIGHT IS STILL FOR SALE AT $50 PLUS SHIPPING.
  16. I used Raybestos MC544, master cylinder. New manufactured part. Brand new, not old stock.
  17. The master cylinders are still available new. I bought mine at a local parts store. I will get you the number later tonight or tomorrow. You may have another problem though. Call me on Sunday to talk if you want.
  18. I think we must have different doors (mine being a convertible) or I must be missing something on mine because I don't know what you are referring to. Sorry.
  19. Wow, it worked! Thanks for telling me how to post pictures. I have tried this in the past repeatedly, but now it works! HERE COME THE PICTURES GUYS!!
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