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  1. So I ordered the seals for the front drums from Napa, they do not have the flange. Is this a problem? They look like they will work, just want to be sure I'm not asking for trouble later...
  2. Does anyone make a DynaFlow - Converter Cover seal? Maybe im not calling it the right name. I was in the process of putting the DynaFlow back on the frame and realized that when I took it off the old seized 322, (me Being green, did not understand how it came apart). I took all the bolts off of the converter cover as well as the 3 bolts that held it to the flywheel. I think I should open the cover and replace the seal before installing it. As well as any other seals while its open. I cannot tear it completely apart because it will never go back together! I am doing the Tube flange and torque
  3. Yeah, I read quite a few posts on cleaning sludge, I have a 322 I just received to put in my project. I know there's gonna be some sludge to clean up. I am going to open it up to look, I plan on checking bearing clearances and see how the cylinder walls look. If machining is not needed and only needs cleaning. What is recommended, kerosene, brakekleen, ATF ???? I really don't wanna do much more than freeze plugs and gaskets, besides removing gunk! go ahead and blast away! Right or wrong lemme have it!
  4. Time has allowed me to start putting things back together, one side anyways... wrenches turning to the right for a change!:cool:
  5. I could you tell me from the paper work, will it work in my 54 with a 322 in a model 52?
  6. Thanks! That's what I was afraid of...
  7. I'm not sure... It's been so long since I have done anything with drum brakes, let alone drums from 1954. should the area the shoe rides in be smooth or rough? I have grooves, plenty of shoe left, just wondering... thanks for your help!
  8. Thanks! Saw a cheap nos set on the evil bay. Oh well, mine are probably good anyhow. Besides I'm at that point in the resto yet, back to chassis painting...
  9. Can anyone one tell me the connecting rod part number for 1954 322 or what this part is? #12355688
  10. Thanks! I have a manual. I would like to compress the springs and take the entire unit off the frame. Is this possible? The service manual does not really talk about complete removal.
  11. So I am looking to paint the front suspension and frame on my 54 Super. Anything I should be aware of? I have never dealt with this old of system. Never dealt with anything older than a 68. Any pit falls? Anything I should or shouldn't do? Can I just compress the springs and unbolt it from the frame? Sorry for sounding like a ROOB, but iyam whats iyam! Any help is appreciated!
  12. Progress! A few hours work, some brass, wood and a few hammers result in some progress. 6 are out, 2 are for another day. The reamer was needed as well as some patience. When I got the car 1 of the heads was off and I could see the shattered piston. All 4 of these pistons are toast, due to weather and divots left by something. I could not see the varmint nest in the other side. The nest is the worst one of all! Lots of corrosion and pitting. (Still stuck). I probably need to bore this one and put a sleeve in it. I'll wait for another day for advice on rebuild parts... Thanks, Jerry
  13. I can't get it... Ok im a little green on these so here goes... 322 Nailhead with a Dynaflow has been sitting in a field for years. here is my issue. I have taken the nail and the dyna out of the beast to rebuild it. Problem is that it has seized pistons, how can I get it apart with out being able to spin it? I disconnected rod caps and can move a couple pistons partially up. Shouldn't I be able to completely pull these out through the top? Is there a lip or is it just that rusted? It has 1 shattered piston and at least 2 others have markings from something on the passenger side. The drivers s
  14. Thanks for the approvals, no TV, no Microwave but there is an old fridge!
  15. Hello, I have a 1972 BUICK Skylark dressed up like a Stage 1 GS. I dont pass it of as an original but I just developed over the years, I just bought (2 days ago) a 1954 Super 4door, the motor was half way disassembled and as of today I have most of the front clip off. I plan to pull the motor next and start a clean up. I dont want to call it a restoration be cause I in now way could do what the workers at the factory could do! So I will clean it up and put it back together. I will see if I can find some pictures and add them soon! Oh, my name is Jerry and I am in Roseville Minnesota, electrici
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