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  1. Only thing I can find... Brake and Clutch Industries Australia (BCIA). Mentioned here. https://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=237357&d=1278546545 looks it it can't be from before 1984
  2. Anyone have a 4BBL Carter Carb for a 1954 322? also looking for an oil bath air cleaner and support bracket.
  3. At first glance I thought it was one of these, but i think it's different. So I don't know...
  4. Ok Thanks, I didn't use any thread locker of any kind. Your manual has the same information as in my 54 manual. It doesn't say what to torque the cam thrust plate or Cam gear to... The 3/8-16 has a wide variable in the charts, I went to 36 Ft LBS on the thrust plate and 58 on the cam gear. Thanks, jerry
  5. 1954 Buick 322 The manual doesn't have torque specs for every bolt... Should I use any thread lock on the cam thrust plate bolts or cam Bolt? I saw a chart stating the size of the bolt dictating torque value (thrust plate bolts are 3/8 so torque to 33 ft lbs, but seems like it could easily go more. But is snug) Cam bolt seems to be a 7/16 so charts says 58 ft lbs torque. should or shouldn't I use thread lock anywhere? these are the original 60 year old bolts. Thanks for setting me straight!
  6. 60 year old nailhead is starting to go back together, do I need to use ARP or can I use regular "Grade 8" bolts. At least on the heads and mains, rods too? I am pretty sure I don't want to reuse the original bolts, I'm sure they have been torqued to spec at least 1 time. This is not for a race car... Just a old 322 trying to put together. greenhorn just askin...
  7. I have one I purchased from a local dealership that stocked GM Performance parts. I use it on my 72, it fits on the air cleaner which I feel allows more air than the scoops...
  8. I have block #V5229585 in the shop that came with head casting #1165649. Oops this should read #1165549...
  9. I am wondering if I can swap heads for my build, I'm trying to write this in the simplest way... I have block #V5229585 in the shop that came with head casting #1165649. I have block #V8461335 in my shed that came with head casting #1166349. The #1165649 driver side head is bad... Can I put the #1166349 heads into my build? do the pistons need to change? thanks, jerry
  10. well, being I'm green, how do I tell which is the latest?
  11. Thanks Willie, I was at the shop yesterday and they look pretty close to the originals to the naked eye. I think the box said "Builders Choice". The shop purchased them after re-conditioning the block. It had 1 pretty badly scored cylinder and the usual wear in the others. The cylinders ended up at 40 over.
  12. Piston domes So the 40 over pistons for my 322 show up at the shop. They don't have the same dome as stock. Will they work? Will they lower compression? Is that acceptable? I'm not building a drag racer...
  13. Let's hope the next week of rain lets up for Sunday! It has been crappy weather the last few years...
  14. I thank you all for all the input...but I truly value the input! but just know, I have a source for 93 octane, non-oxygenated fuel which costs a little more but contains zero ethonal. I use it in all my toys, the Buicks, bike, mowers and trimmers...
  15. Just following up... The block went to the machine shop, crank ground and polished to .010 and the cylinder walls needed to go out to 40 over. It's getting the full treatment, new pistons, cam lifters. quick note, most of the cylinders were all worn equally, the score line went away at about .020 but the #2 & #3 cylinders had additional wear, which is why it ended up at 40 over
  16. Very nice! you will need to add it to your signature... speaking of signatures, I would love to see some pictures of the UL-74!
  17. Hey 38 where are you? If you are near Minnesota, I have a couple 322 that need full rebuilds that I'm never gonna use.
  18. I am in no way schooled in this, but i noticed when you mentioned VL-3 lifters , i saw that they were acvailable at Bob's when i was researching parts for my own build. But they do not say they are for the 61 364. they say "Hydraulic Valve Lifter For 1956-58 V-8 Engines" here as a link: http://bobsautomobilia.com/shop/engine/hydraulic-valve-lifter-for-1956-58-vl-3.html Hope this helps...
  19. Hope I say this correct... they measure very close to the 4 inch bore, so they have not been bored out yet. they vary 2 to 3 ten thousandths out.
  20. just a question to ask your opinion! i was deglazing my cylinders to see how they clean up. There is a score mark in 1 hole, I can barely catch a fingernail on it. Would I be wasting time and money building it with out boring it out?
  21. Thats just funny... Welcome to the great white north!
  22. Ok, so... I'm a dumb ass! It does have 2 grooves, I didn't look close and saw the groove and took for granted it was a single groove. at least we all have the previous information now posted! i could have said nothing, but that would not have been very Buickly. thanks for the info and help! jerry