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  1. One owner (father-son) garage-kept sedan with 35,112 original miles. Nearly 100% stock, 5.4L 331 cu. in. V8 (no A/C). Pristine original upholstery beneath plastic seat covers. Excellent two-tone blue paint, body, chrome, dash, glass, and rubber for a vehicle that’s sat for 17 years. Caddy does not currently operate—however ran like a jewel when last driven in 1993. New tires, minor mechanicals, cleaning and detailing will make this valuable automobile a completely operable showpiece. See photos at: http://s1197.photobucket.com/albums/aa427/KYCaddyDaddy/1955%20Caddy%20Series%2062%20sedan/ Garage space urgently needed, but owner desires to sell car to an enthusiast who'll lovingly preserve this piece of family history. Owner will entertain SERIOUS reasonable offers from a person who can remove it ASAP from garage in the Chicago area. Contact kkuhens@gmail.com for additional details. Please provide a telephone number in your email reply.
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