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  1. Cleaned my oil pan in february, engine has never been out of the car, 167 000 miles, sludge buildup was 1,5 inch, the pickup sat in top of the sludge. I also took apart and cleaned the oil pump and pickup, the screen of the pickup was open only to about 50%... Everytime before I´ve changed oil it went dirty immediately, after cleaning I have driven the car couple of hundred miles and the oil looks almost as new... Lucky though this car always have had frequent oil and filter changes at around 1000 miles intervals, now with clean pan and only summer driving I can probably extend changes. Mike
  2. Rick Young, Thanks, no, I'm afraid I don't know of any Junge's. As for the car, the daughter of the previous owner Mr Preston Shamer, "googled" his name a couple of weeks ago, and this side came up and she made contact with me, and I have found out a lot about the car,s history by her. What would we do without the Internet! Finally spring is starting to show up, just waiting for that first ride! Mike
  3. Well, if this cold wheather will continue much longer, maybe the Atlantic will freeze over... Mike
  4. JohnD1956, that would surely be nice, preferably in a warmer climate than both you and me are living in, but then again, summer is closing up! Mike
  5. Thanks guys, kinda like it myself a lot, I call it "my creampuff"! Mike
  6. Hi all, name is Mike and I live in Sweden. I have a 1956 Super Riviera, imported to Sweden in 1997 from NJ in a very nice unrestored condition. Sinse then it's got new paint and upholstery and a few other cosmetic upgrades like new paint in the engine compartment and new cloth in the trunk. Car was originally owned by a Commander in the US Navy, Mr Preston Shamer, and he took it along in various places where he served, so the car has been in 5 countries and always been taken care of. Sadly he died last summer in age of 92 when I was trying to get in touch with him to know more about the car. Maybe someone of you guys know how to find information via the license plate the car had when it was exported? Greetings from a cold and snowy Sweden, but soon it's spring so I can take the Buick for a ride!
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