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  1. Back in my young and dumb days [i'm old now and still not too smart] I briefly owned a 1963 2+2 convertible. I THINK ! This was around 1970. White body, top and interior. Bucket seats. No pictures, no paperwork kept, nothing but a memory of the badges on the car. Over the years I have tried to find out if there actually WAS such a beast, or if I am imagining things. I haven't found anything. Was there a 2+2 Grand Prix in 1963 ? Thanks for any information.
  2. Sergeant Major: Thanks for the reply. I've seen those sites along with a few others. All with the same images and wording. Surely the car was shown at other shows / events and someone took pictures. I'd like to see views of the interior.... anything. And more info on it's existence. [how long it was around, what shows it was in] And demise.
  3. Hello: My name is Dan. I've got a 57 2 door hardtop [Century] I'me trying to find any information about a concept car from 1955. The 1955 Buick Wildcat III. There are only three pictures of it on the net, or so I've found. Side view [red], rear 3/4 view, front 3/4 view. All posed. No history, no information. It was introduced at the Chicago Auto Show. Did it get shown anywhere else, how long was it around before being destroyed, how, when, where. Can anyone direct me to pictures, information, anything. Thanks Dan
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