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  1. Because my listing has received no interest I thought I would try something different and list it on eBay. Buick : Reatta Base Coupe 2-Door in Buick | eBay Motors
  2. Hi, I haven't posted in awhile. My Reatta is still doing pretty good. Getting some work done on it soon: new window regulator, new headlight switch, leaking gasket fixed, and new fuel/brake lines. Are there any owners that are also in Columbus, OH? I've seen about four or five other Reattas in the area, which I find to be great! Also, is there a Reatta convention in Ohio? I'd really love to meet some other owners. I'm only 25, but this is the car for me. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I made a post awhile back about some Reatta apparel. I kind of disappeared for awhile, but now I am back. I am still interested in some Reatta wearable goods, ie, shirts, etc. Anything in size small is desirable. Can pay ASAP on Paypal. Please let me know! My e-mail address isu Thanks, Tom
  4. Craziest thing, I too recently thought, "I really want a patch of the Reatta emblem" and I come on here and someone has already asked. Better yet, it exists! That price is really steep, however...
  5. Hello, I am in need of original Reatta power antenna that will be compatible with my 1989. Please send all offers/information to:
  6. Excellent, my own level of Reatta perfection is coming...
  7. Back in October I got into some slight trouble with a ditch and a barbed wire fence and my back right got scratched and my antenna...well...it was ripped out. I think the motor is ok, but I'm wondering what my options on a replacement antenna are. I've seen new ones for as cheap as $15, and I'm not really concerned about the integrity of the antenna, since I found the original one to have mediocre quality and well, it's an antenna. In fact, I'll opt for a new one if it can get better reception.
  8. Actually at the very back right of the console (if looking at it from the front) there is something lodged at the very bottom where the console meets the carpet. Is that part of something else, or could that perhaps be the bulb cylinder?
  9. Ahhhh, ok! That makes me feel better knowing there's not a feature I'm missing out on. Now I know why it wasn't in the instruction manual. Is it the same for the "car leveling"? Also, the TS switch will fit properly in place of a regular one?
  10. Darn, that's disappointing. What mechanism controls the twilight sentinel, on cars that have that feature? I see the light during the "Show" and also the car leveling, but I've never seen that feature either. Same deal?
  11. Hello, I am very close to purchasing a replacement headlight switch module which has the twilight sentinel feature. Mine is an 1989 with a regular module. Will this possible new module: A.) work B.) have the sentinel feature, which is what I dream of a lot. Thanks.
  12. Merch in size small would also be nice if future merch is made.
  13. I checked, and I'm pretty sure it's not there. I polished the ash tray and didn't see anything that a bulb could be attached. Which leads me to my next question... Is it possible to buy a replacement, and if not, does anyone have one to sell?
  14. I was reading through my 1989 owner's manual and saw a blurb about ash tray illumination. Am I crazy, or did I read that correctly?
  15. That's amazing! I'm definitely going to keep that in mind as a project for the near future.
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