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  1. Welcome to the forum Dave you will find a lot of information on the site. I'm Larry and I have a 1952 ford pickup and a 1948 Plymouth special deluxe coupe. Both are real nice and I like working on them. My son also has a 52 ford pickup that we are now restoring. Anyhow welcome.
  2. Welcome to the forum hope you stay around for a while. You'll find a lot of good stuff on this site.
  3. I am Larry and I live in Alvin Texas with my wife, daughter, her fiance and my two grandsons. I became disabled in 2005 and haven't been able to work since then. I have a lot of doctors appointments each month on what's going on with me. In 2005 November I got a virus that is called Guilding Bree' that attacks the nerves in your body and also gives you neroperty of your muscels. I try to enjoy my life the best I can. I have a 1952 ford F1 truck that my sons and I restored and now I have a 1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe Coupe that we'll do the same thing to I'm keeping it a 6 volt system. My son also has a 52 F1 truck that we are working on as we can to get it restored. I enjoy life as it is. I look forward to finding out a lot of information on this form about cars.