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  1. Do You have anyplace that may have parts, I allready sent the controls an cables to Yesterday to rebuild them, and He has all the reman. parts but being close to orig. I hope to find countershaft & pulley assembly[jackshaft] I have the adjusting bracket that attaches to the frame & axle, and a front fender. Thanks again
  2. Here is a couple more. Every thing on the frame is sound all the bushings and bearings are in good condition, Handle bars & forks are straight, complete brake levers & band. The hubs, wheels & sprocket are great shape. Nothing has been altered on the frame, the tank bands have broken off but the cross bracket is fine.
  3. I found the tires on coker, Thanks But I still don't know how to send or post Pic's I have all Mine in My Kodak program and don't understand how to send them!
  4. I am sorry to say but the ID tags are missing, but it dose have dual controls witch I have sent them to Don @ Yesterdays rides. I have tried to find those tires from Coker but have had No luck finding them, I would send Pic's but don't know How or where to put them? I have found a Mdl. N Briggs it's being shipped
  5. I don't know how to put on pic's, I am trying to do the best I can because I had one of these when I was about 10 years old BACK IN THE FIFTYS. It has the stock tires and the rear still holds air but the front is blown out. Let Me Know what You think. Thanks Joe
  6. I just bought a Super Doodle a couple of weeks ago But I had No idea what it was untill I found this forum, and other sites, So now I need to try and find some parts, The two main parts are the front fender an the drive adjuster jack shaft, I am new on here so I hope I am doing this right. thanks jfh2599
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