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  1. for MATTK THE stutz engine can you list pictures of other side. where is located and price you can call me 860860448 thanks stutzl6
  2. SMILE my Blackhawk with speedster body the handles lift up for what its worth. If you need inside door handles I have new made SS. ready to install thanks stutzl6
  3. Put the old brass seat and steel needle, lap in with tooth paste. I done in on zenith 105d carb.
  4. I have a 1929 m30 stutz weymann car . The car was always in side had 2 pc. wood dryrot . Frame is painted with bare body. Doing engine rebuild. Cloth is question.The blackhawk in france i think is m30 Thanks John
  5. stutzl6

    Barn Find!

    GeneR Take the valve cover of you can not bend a valve . Drain oil is it black or and water if not install new oil 9 q. I will run stutzl6 8608060448
  6. DpSmith I have ss engine valves for sale. I have build 2 motor A 1929 Blackhawk with 356 Packard rod with std brg turned shaft down and stroked if to 4.6 Had pistons made 7.5 com. and its running 10 yr. The other 1930 m 356 rod bored and babbitted to the 2.375 shaft and 7.5 pistons and cam grind . The motor was put on georges dymo with a super charger. Its now installed in my chassic. you can call me stutzl6 john grunder 8608060448. I did not own the super charger
  7. Steve Mack CT Did you go in the faa building an see the ford T There were 10 Ts . With my 1923 T Camper and also a 1924 barn find Thanks stutzl6
  8. Sears did not make tires in house . Armstrong Tire Co in CT. made most of Sears tires. I was a Armstrong Dealer in CT. stutzl6
  9. hddennis About half are 1/8 pipe thread in the end . Most are with thread the same dia. as body Sent size stutzl6
  10. I have 150 new old stock spring shackle from the 1910 to 1930 no numbers so send size style to John Grunder 31 morningside dr Torrington ct 06790 or call me 860 8060448 stutzl6
  11. Sorry I sold it for part , head crank etc for a Ruxton John Grunder . As I listed rebuild yours , You may not find a motor.
  12. stutzl6

    Stutz Overdrive?

    DPsmith Edinmass said for you to get 3.8 gear set, I think1927 small bore engine 650 700 20 tires 3.8 gear you will shift on hills, good on flat roads. I got a set of 3.8 for my 1934 sedan with dv and 750 18 tires that's a good combo. stutzl6
  13. Call me I have 150 new shackle bolts from the teens and 20s how long. dia . fax 8604890614 with print call 8608060448 john
  14. stutzl6

    Stutz Overdrive?

    The bell housing is from a1929 Blackhawk I shorten the out put shaft 6 in and made a hub to install Stutz brake drum . Cast a bracket for the brake band. Welled 3 round block for the Stutz brake handle. stutzl6
  15. stutzl6

    Stutz Overdrive?

    Hi its not on road I installed a rts top loader ford 1984 trans in my 1930 Stutz 4 dr cov. 4 speed with overdrive, have 4.25 rear ratio should do 70 mpr. Did not hsve to change the drive shaft. stutzl6
  16. stutzl6

    Barn Find!

    http://GeneR After looking at the rear of the blackhawk the tail light are 1933 lights what is the engine number . It may be one of the last blackhawk made John 8608060448
  17. V Milke good to hear from you . I guess the car with the cover is 1928 Stutz Blackhawk 4 pass . speedster with the top up . they we not good looking tops Stutz l6
  18. ED does you 33 Stutz have clutch pull down , free wheeling. if so, can I get pictures of the parts . Have a1933 with some parts Thanks John stutzl6
  19. stutzl6

    Barn Find!

    the red engine paint is not correct should be black. carb in not correct and tank to the lh is not Stutz. this has e a oil vac gas tank and looks correct this nor like a steward tank .I have a Blackhawk for 20 years Go to the web STUTZBLACK L6 and see my car ct plate STUTZ You can call me 8608060448 John
  20. I was on the 1965 glidden tour with my 1923 ford t with a Zagelmeyer camper body this was to Luray Va. A ioo miles a day for 5 day , round trip 1600 miles Sill have the camper Thanks JOHN GRUNDER
  21. Stutz used 105d bronze carb 1927 28, 105dc 1929 30 pot metal,105 de ? in1931 34, 105dc used in Ruxton cars Lancia 1930? and dodge fire truck do not know what motor. STUTZL6
  22. stutzl6

    Starter Drive

    starter drive number is 1848606 hope it will help u JOHN
  23. same as ones made in the 90 s Hershey space CG50 cell 860 8060448
  24. model m, front fenders less wells, stutzl6 or 8608060448 john
  25. hi lump does any clamps have a M W they may be 38 or 39tn I need 3 off these clamps . If you have quote a price and postage to ct, will send ckThanks stutzl6 or call 8608060448