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  1. I have a nice windshield frame for a 1928 Chrysler 72 roadster. It is a reproduction. It has a little surface rust . Can be taken off with steel wool. I understand it was 1 of two a man had made. It looks like a nice repro. Look at it and see if you could use it. $ 100. plus shipping. Call me Dean 575-382-1386.
  2. I have a set of Chrysler 1928 model 62 windshield irons posts and mounting brackets. for sale. They have been nickel plated at a cost of $350. . I will take $200 for all plus shipping . They weigh about 15 pounds before boxing. if you would like to look up shipping costs. Look at pictures to see if this is what you need. I also have an original tail light. $100 Call me at 575-382-1386 Dean
  3. I posted this on General Discussion but meant to put it on mopar. I just completed this 1928 CHRYSLER 62 Woody. Built the body out of rough cut oak and mahogany. Lots of saw dust. Took about 1 year to complete. Engine has a set of NOS pistons and had rings made to fit. Runs ok and looks good. Enclosed is a few pictures of it. Thanks for looking. Dean
  4. I just finished the body and engine on my 1928 Chrysler 62. The body took about a year to build and lots of saw dust. Found some NOS pistons and had rings made for them. Runs ok and looks good too. I am taking it to a car show the last of the Mo. and then try to sell it and find another project. enclosed are some pictures. Dean
  5. Hello. Do any of you have or know where I can buy a 1928 chrysler model 62 timing chain? 6 cylinder red head engine. 575-382-1386 dbsb13@comcast.net Thanks Dean
  6. Rob, Thanks for the info.on the step rings. And I think you are correct on not finding a set. I have just about run out of leads. I guess new modern pistons are the answer. Thanks again Dean
  7. Hello, I am still looking for a set of NOS piston rings for a 1928 Chrysler 62 6 cylinder. With a 3" standard bore. I have checked all the ring makers and others I can think of and still come up blank. The rings were called tungtite I was told. They are L shaped and overlap the land between 1st and 2nd ring groove. If you can help me please call or email me. Enclosed is a crude drawing of what I need. Dean 575-382-1386 or dbsb13@comcast.net Thanks aaca rings.pdf
  8. Yes I checked with them and didn't get a yes or no. They need more information. On the new pistons which are new old stock. Thanks for the reply.
  9. I am looking for a set of 1928 chrysler 62 6 cylinder piston rings, 3.0" can anyone help me. Thanks
  10. Thanks for all the info. I think I am going to use steel brake tubing. I don't plan on having it ever judged. Have a good winter and spring. Dean
  11. Hello, I am going to replace the copper brake lines on my 1928 chrysler. I have some refrigeration copper tubbing. But after cutting off the connectors off the old line it seems to be a lot thicker wall than the new stuff. Is there a lot of pressure in the brake line or do you think the walls would hold. Have any of you replaces your lines and what did you use. I am going to have a replacement 1928 chrysler 62 roadster repro wind shied and restored windshield posts for sale soon. The posts are originals that have been replated in nickle. look like new. Thanks Dean
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