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  1. Hey Gary, Thanks for taking your time to help me in my quest. Much appreciated, Bernie
  2. I am still searching for the interior windshield garnish moldings for my 47 M-5. I've gotten a few leads, but so far only dead ends. I also am looking for the instrument cluster stainless steel bezel. Don't need the gauges or the glass only the bezel. I appreciate all the help so far and am in hopes that this new posting will do the trick. Bernie
  3. Hey Gary, Thanks for the lead. I just posted a message. Bernie
  4. Does anybody have or can anybody tell me where I can find The Interior Windshield Garnish Molding for a 1947 M-5 Pickup Truck? I assume the molding would be the same on an M-15. Thanks, Bernie
  5. Thanks for the help. I will pursue the leads... hopefully to a successful conclusion. I was a car show recently and talked to a guy from Demon Carbs and he said they were about to announce a blow through carb.
  6. I am looking for a Carter AFB Part # 3725S for a blown 289. I hope somebody out there has one for sale or can lead me in the right direction. Also are there other Carter AFBs that can be used in or adapted to work in a blow through super-charger application? Thanks a lot, Bernie
  7. Hello Rex, Based on your email address I’m assuming your name is Rex. Thanks for getting back to me regard the support rods. I’m glad you have them. Do the support rods have the fittings with them? Did you have any luck with the radiator core support? If not, we can fabricate the part. Our preference is an original one, but we can make do. In any case I would like to buy everything you have. Please give me an indication of the condition of the windshield frame, the hood center strip, and the driver side splash apron (if possible, some pictures would be very helpful). The other parts should be easy to restore. I am located in Western North Carolina very close to Asheville. I have had parts shipped to me by Trailways before and it seems to work well. I would be willing to drive to some midway point Cincinnati, Louisville, etc. if you have some reason to be traveling in any of those areas in the not too distant future. Please tell me what you want for everything and how you’d like to me to get you the money. the hood center strip. the radiator shell to fire wall rods. the four bumper clamps. both head light mounts. the windshield frame. the four hood latches. the fender to radiator shell support rods and fittings. the driver side splash apron. the radiator core support (if you have it). Thanks, Bernie P.O. Box 695 287 Merrimon Ave. Weaverville, NC 28787 828-231-1142
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. I am very pleased to hear you have so many of the parts I need. The splash apron will definitely work. The radiator core support is a "U" shaped piece of flat steel approx. 2" wide and relatively thick. It attaches to the center of the front frame cross member and on the sides to the radiator shell with six rivets or bolts on each side. Since I don't have the pieces I can only repeat what I've been told and can discern from the pieces and and points the radiator core support attaches to. The radiator shell to fire wall rods should be about 38 to 40" long. Yes we need the four bumper clamps. We need both head light mounts. We need the windshield frame. We need the four hood latches. The one thing you didn't mention was the "Fender to Radiator Shell Support Rods and Fittings". If you have them we need them for both sides. Thanks for all your help. Bernie P.S. It might be easier to communicate if you could send me your email address.
  9. Funny you should ask. The hood center strip was number one on my list, but there is more. I am looking for the following: Splash Apron Driver Side Radiator Core Support Radiator to Firewall Rods Fender to Radiator Shell Support Rods and Fittings Headlight Mounts Windshield Frame Hood Latches Bumper Mounting Clamps It would be great if you have one or more of these items. Just let me know the condition and what you would take for each. Thanks Bernie bernie@abemblem.com
  10. Hi, Thanks for your answer. Another forum member, 32MOD55, gave me the proper length which is 34 1/4 long and 1" wide at the narrow end and 1 7/8 at the wide end. I hope that is what you have. If it is (fingers crossed), let me the condition and what you would be willing to sell one for. Bernie
  11. I am looking for an idler arm and pulley for a McCullough super charger for a 57 Hawk. I would prefer NOS. The one I have is bent and truing it is not easy. Used in good condition is also O.K. Thanks, Bernie
  12. I am looking for an idler arm and pulley for a McCullough super charger for a 57 Hawk. I would prefer NOS. The one I have is bent and truing it is not easy. Used in good condition is also O.K. Thanks, Bernie
  13. Thanks for getting back to me. I love the St. Regis because of the killer doors. At the moment I am still in the finding parts mode. I hope I'll be able to find everything I need.
  14. I think it is the one I am looking for. I have a series of detailed photos of other cars and it appears the finials make up the small difference in length. What kind of condition are they in and how much would you like to have for them? If you prefer, you can reach me at bernie@abemblem.com. Thanks, Bernie
  15. Thanks for the quick response. The length of the hood is 36 inches. So the hinge strip is probably 36 or slightly longer depending on how it fits to the finials at the cowl and radiator shell. I'll keep my fingers crossed until I hear from you. Bernie
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