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  1. I have a 1922 Packard Single Six which needs a transmission and/or parts thereto. How long did Packard build that transmission and does one which was later fitted to a single dry plate clutch have the same internal parts?
  2. Yes, I took my 1101 engine to a a machine shop in 1955 to discover what you have discovered all these years later. We talked about removing the counter weights drilling out the bolts grinding the crank and balancing the whole thing. This will be blasphemy to many but at that time I wasn't sure of the machinist and had limited money. What they did was to grind the journals less that full width (to clear the counter weights) and step the bearing shells to match. Packard had so much bearing area that I got away with it and ran the car for a long time.
  3. I owe Bernie an apology for usurpation of his thread! I got carried away at the prospect of making contact with contributors to the thread not understanding that private messages can be sent to other than the thread sponsor. Won't happen again!
  4. Roger! Darf Ich mal fragen, wird Deutsch hier gesprochen? Es ist so lange her dass Ich Gelegenheit Deutsch zu sprechen gehabt habe. Wenn Sie mir Ihre e-mail Adresse geben wuede dann koennen wir korrespondieren und meine Sprachkenntnis ausueben? Donald
  5. Hi Roger: Yes, you're correct, but it did not have the crossover pushrods as in the case of the 327-8. The petrol tank was under the cowling and it was gravity feed to two Solex,side-draft carburetors. Once, in Hamburg, parked nose down a hill, I forgot to close the tap on the tank and all my very expensive petrol was coursing down the gutter when I came back.
  6. Hello Bernie: The ID Plate looks very nice and understated as befits such a car. I don't actually know when they started putting build plates on the firewall but no 126 I've ever seen had one in that location; so I suppose if I were deciding it would be option#3. best regards and congratulations on a job very well done, Donald
  7. Surely at that point of convolution you would either move to Greenland or become a scofflaw!
  8. Ian: Club registration in Tennessee was a pre-condition of tagging an antique. This meant that you were only supposed to drive it in Club events, but you were on the honour system.
  9. Ian: Club registration in Tennessee was a pre-condition of tagging an antique. This meant that you were only supposed to drive it in Club events, but you were on the honour system.
  10. Roger: I did think, upon returning to Oklahoma City I might get a knock on the door from the Strassenwacht. But if it didn't happen in 1955 I think at last I'm safe. I bought that car off a used car lot in Munich for DM400(which at that time was ca $100 US) I could have had my choice of Kuebelwagen or even Schwimmwagen for the same price. I am pretty certain that my 303 was ex of the Wehrmacht because it had a very expensive looking trailer hitch and a complicated electrical plug at the back for convoy purposes. No one wanted a Kuebelwagen because of the sketchy weather equipment. I drove the BMW for a year all over Germany and half of Scandanavia. Even in 1955 it was considered so archaic that it brought laughs. But it was a tough little car and although it threatened to crater it never let me down. For our German friends with contacts in high places the registration Oberbayern# was "A" over "B" 62 3973. If I could find it, I think I would be willing to pay the back log of overtime parking.
  11. Bernie: It sounds like Australia may be a preview of coming attractions for us, here in New York. In Tennessee where I lived for almost 40 years you could buy an antique registration plate for a nominal sum and it was valid for life (mine or the car's) Here in New York they have gone to an annual registration fee. As yet, we have no required inspection which makes sense since no one will be driving a 90 year old car in daily traffic. It seems to me that your process masks an operation to exact tribute! Is registration a pre-condition of insurance? Back in 1955 when I was a student in Germany, I bought a 1934 BMW 303. Registration was such a nightmare for me as a foreigner; upon leaving, I abandoned the car in the Dusseldorff airport parking lot, left the keys in the ignition and the papers in the seat. I wish I had the car now!
  12. Ben: Thanks for the information. We are snowed in up here and this will give me something to do while waiting for the thaw. Donald
  13. Bernie and David: I just went to the e-bay site and looked again at the gas gauge on offer. It is made by the Boston Instrument Co. The face is calibrated crudely 1/4- 1/2- 3/4 If I thought it could be adapted and calibrated to the Packard specifications, I would buy it.
  14. Bernie: Thanks for the information and the picture. I think I might be looking for a nice wooden stick of the Model T variety Donald
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