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  1. Looking for steering wheel for a 48 commodore. How much?
  2. Thank you all for the input. It was my fathers car but he never entered it in any AACA events. I’m just carrying the torch for him and maintaining his pride and joy. See you in February!
  3. Just received my letter stating I won an award. Got a few questions. New at this and have never been to the banquet or won such an honor. Just what do I receive at the banquet? Says black tie event. Is a tuxedo required or just a black suit is sufficient? Any guidance greatly appreciated!
  4. hello all, looking for a replacement wheel for my car or someone who can refinish mine. the porcelin is all cracked and coming apart. any help or info greatly apperciated.
  5. Do they give badge at banquet afterwards?
  6. yes that what the form says billybird. now do i just put check marks in the correct box?
  7. hello. first year in DPC class and have question about judge form. how do i fill out shaded areas on card? with a check mark or with remarks? thanks for your help and see you tomorrow!