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  1. so does anyone have any suggestions for a reliable daily driver that I can just take to the dealership and have no hassles? i was looking at the 1-3k range and the TC popped up, thats why I was looking here. Thanks for all the advice.
  2. As far as the rust, does anyone else have an opinion on that? Is it that bad that regular car washes will not be enough? other than that, the transmission problems, and lack of body parts, are there any other major problems/issues?
  3. edit: i found a couple threads (http://forums.aaca.org/f144/questions-potential-buyer-284192.html and http://forums.aaca.org/f144/interested-tc-but-dont-know-much-196913.html). I was reading them and found this: I am not a DIYer, as I said earlier I plan on taking it to a dealership. Would a chrysler dealership fall under category b, or would a TC be too much to handle? I really like the car from what ive heard and seen so far, but i dont want to get into something that I cant handle. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the insight, barelyfit and mark! I only have 1 thing that worries me which is The fact that theres a TC on here right now with low miles that seems to be in good condition that is being parted out instead of sold whole. Also, anyone else have opinions on this car? Thanks!
  5. I was looking for a good car to use as a daily driver (about 20-30 miles a day) and the TC Caught my eye. I did a lot of research and i found a lot of conflicting opinions. Is this car usable as a daily driver? how about in winter. Also, I was wondering, if I do choose this car, which powertrain (the Mitsubishi 3.0 or the Maserati engine) would be the most reliable and cheapest/easy to maintain? from what I am seeing, it seems like the mitsubishi is prevalent in many chryslers of that time period so i was thinking that might be better - but I wasnt sure. Also, I am the type of person that services my cars at a dealer - not one to do repair work myself. Is the TC a car that I can drive to a Chrysler every 3-5000 miles for service, or do they not know how to work on them? and as far as the parts availability - will I have a huge problem there or what do you guys do? Also, i heard about problems with the limp-home mode on the 4 speed auto (probably the one i would be buying as I want airbags and the manual seems quite hard to find). Is this major/common/fixable? Also, any tips if i do purchase one - what problems to look out for on the cars when buying, suggestions to do after purchase, etc. would be helpful. Sorry for the long post, im interested in the model but had a lot of questions and couldnt find answers for them. Thanks
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