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  1. GM 1967 BUICK Skylark fender skirts. Chrome is in good condition minimal pitting, paint is chipping on left skirt and some rust is starting but it is only surface, no holes. Good for your restoration or the added touch of class to complete your show car. Local pickup is welcomed please email. $155 Call or text Johnny (323)347-8428. Located in Los Angeles California 90063 United states
  2. I had to get a jump start to get it to start actually when I came out of the store which was only an hour or so, however that battery may have had a low cell, so I don't believe temperature is a factor. I took another battery with a good charge and ran that for a day but in the morning whem I came out to start it, initially it turned the motor over but as Buick tend to be cold blooded it took me a couple of cranks to get her to start but by the third turn of the ignition switch battery was too low to kick it over. Another gentleman I spoke with asked if the battery sparked a little when I connect the posts, and I told him yes, so he stated that something is drawing power. Oh and when I bought the I converted it from generator external regulator to an alternator set-up but kept the regulator on the firewall to retain originality, however that was 5 years ago. I checked the courtesy lamps and glove box switch, someone suggested using a basic test light on my fuse box, and a voltmeteer to test the alternator. So far I did the old laymans trick of diconnecting the battery when car is running to see if the alternator can run the motor. It was OK
  3. Hello, for all you electrical guys I'm having this problem with my electrical system drove my car from work to local market and came out and my battery was drained. I erroneously thought it was a bad starter changed my starter brushes, cleaned my armiture, and commutator plates, when i continued to have the same issue i changed my battery, cleaned my cables and ground connections and no resolution, have any ideas where to start this electrical stuff is all greek to me...guess I gotta learn how to use a volt meter!:confused: