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  1. John,

    If you have "several" of the short tubes, cut an inch out of one and weld it to another to get your length. Easy peasy.

    My '40 had low oil pressure and I fixed it by emorying the bottom plate like so with 60 grit paper. The dark points were leaking. I took it down to where these were gone, and a THIN layer of RTV around the edge.

    I also put a 3/8" nut behind the pressure relief spring, which is an old trick we used in the '60's at the car dealership I used to work at to raise the pressure.

    She now runs 40# at cruising speeds and 20 at idle when hot.


    Mike in Colorado


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  2. I've noticed a lot of Fords in the 20's-30's in the local shows have aluminum step plates screwed to their running boards.

    Some with logo's and some with a plain cross hatch pattern cast in. Some with 2 per side and some with 1 for the front door.

    I've never seen these step pads on any of the 20's - 30's Chrysler cars.

    Question is, did Chrysler / Imperial owners back then add these?

    Would adding them now be tacky?

    A hole once drilled cannot be undone.


    Mike in Colorado

    P_20181122_110337 (1).jpg

  3. I put an electric fuel pump and a LARGE clear filter back by the tank on our '40 LTD the first week we owned it.

    Also rebuilt the mechanical pump with an ethanol resistant diaphragm from "Bob's".

    Mine sits all week and then goes out on weekends for our drives, and of course nothing is level in Colorado and the air is quite thin @ 8500'.

    So, the pump gets used on those long uphill pulls, as vapor lock is a way of life out here.

    Little toggle under the dash is barely noticeable.


    Mike in Colorado

    PS; I did reroute the fuel line from the mechanical pump up along the pass side inner fender well and over the valve cover close to the firewall and into the carb.

           The copper line is now covered with heater hose from the pump to the carb. 

    final dump 044.JPG

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  4. I painted our 24' car hauler with regular outside enamel house paint with some blasting sand included.

    Since mine is vehicle specific, I added guide rails of 2 x 4 split in half,

    as the running boards on the Buick only clear the wheel wells by about 3- 4" on each side.

    Note the stops in place so the trailer is properly balanced.

    I stapled some cardboard down as a catch mat for oil drips.


    I built my own escape door on the drivers side. An easy DIY.


    Now I can either drive her in or use the wireless winch and open the drivers door wide to exit the car / trailer.


    Mike in Colorado




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  5. On 8/16/2022 at 11:17 AM, AHa said:

    And this one. The engineering that went into these cars is amazing. This one came from Tumblr and it's caption is in French, Mauve sur Elfe, course de côte de Gaillon, 1921Mauve sur Elfe, course de côte de Gaillon, 1921



    With that fan spinning right behind his right shoulder, I hope he does not lean back !

    But at least the gas tank is streamlined.

    Another, "what were they thinking ?"

    Mike in Colorado

  6. On 8/3/2022 at 6:36 AM, Roger Walling said:

     Any time that you send a personal check to someone your bank info. is printed on it.

    Yup, routing number and account number, AND a copy of your hand writing / signature.

    What else could a thief want ?

    Just asking.


    Mike in Colorado


    PS; Hey Marty,  my daughter, Sara, is still driving your Expedition. Well over 100K on it now, and she runs fine.

  7. Well, lot of pros and cons re PayPal here.

    I did however set up a PayPal account just now, with the help of my granddaughter.

    So, I guess this old geezer is being drug, kicking and screaming into the new century.

    Now I'll go in and amend my listing.

    Thanks guys..........


    Mike in Colorado

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  8. For sale are 2 Trippe Senior lights with plain tops and mounting struts.

    I would describe these as "driver quality" and are showing their age.

    Chrome is less than perfect, and  one has a  small dent in the back.

    Currently have #1157 twelve volt bulbs in them and both work well.

    Asking $850.00 / OBO, and I'll pay the freight to you. 

    Paypal accepted.


    Mike in Colorado





  9. O.K. Guys,

    I would like to list a set of Trippe Senior Speed Lights that I would consider "driver quality", but I don't have a "Paypal" account and I don't know how to ask for payment.

    I've never sold anything on line, so I'm looking for some help from all you professionals.


    Mike in Colorado

  10. I too visited this museum in March.

    Spent 4+ hours there and I don't think I saw it all.

    Took lots of pictures though.

    Something to look at during those cold winter days here in Colorado.

    I'll be back down in Ocala this next March and I will plan on another afternoon there.

    SOOOO much to see !!!!


    Mike in Colorado

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