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  1. Hi everyone, I know everyone loves clamshell problems........ I'm needing some direction, if you would be so kind. My clams don't close....They did at one time but quit. I was taking the lower relay apart and cleaning the points, which worked for awhile. I replaced the lower relay and did that wiring change that was wrote about. It worked twice. So now I bought another one, and replaced the top relay. I also cleaned to bare metal the fender area, checked all the connections, and cleaned with cleaner the harness pins.... Still won't close. If I touch a hot wire to the wire going to the motor it will close, BUT only if I disconnect the plug at the bottom relay... Any idea's, or something I'm missing? I don't want to, but I read somewhere that a separate switch could be ran to the dash. Thanks for any idea's, . Buddy
  2. Saw that also... I shouted at the wife, look at that. It was gone, but showed it again... Nice..
  3. My repro reads 3/4 when full also........but that's 3/4 more than it read before, lol
  4. I really am going to sell my chrome dual snorkel and buy that air cleaner like yours....
  5. So, They are out there after all.............That even ruined the image that Rivnut Posted of the lady, er, the car I mean....
  6. Try J.C. Taylor for a quick fix, maybe?
  7. That's Sweet....Can't beat a Buick, a Redhead, Jack, and a smoke....well, except the smoke...
  8. Out here in Podunk, Az., my 65 rarely generates much interest. Even at the local get togethers, or cruising around, most everything is ratrods, mods, etc. I think it's because its a small poor town. Pop. 40,000. In the winter we get about 20,000 snowbirds from Mich. Iowa, Midwest, etc. They know the car... Last winter a older man from Mich. talked to me while we were at the car wash. Told me he retired from the flint plant and that he helped build the 65. He went on an on about it. I asked him if he would like to go for a ride. It just lit up. Made my day, and his too. I drive mine for me..... Buddy
  9. With my 65 having the dual quads, I get 11 mpg. average. Very little Interstate driving. That windshield attracts rocks like ticks on a dog........
  10. I hand painted mine, as well as the rockers and clams. Pacifico, and a couple shots of Patron along the way made it less tedious........lol
  11. I knew my PS unit was leaking, until I had my wife turn the steering wheel full left and right lock, ittsy bitty pinhole leak from the high side was squirting on the pump area... I should still probably rebuild the pump though........lol Buddy
  12. Anyone had any experience with J.C. Taylor Classic insurance.....pros or cons? I think it's underwriter is Foremost Ins. Buddy
  13. Thanks for that link....I need two also. I cracked both of mine, then I figured out it was my fat butt sitting on the door sill that was breaking them..... Man, am I embarrassed Buddy
  14. That's sweet looking, Tony. I've been wanting to rid my 65 of the chrome dual quad air cleaner for sometime. Could you point me in the right direction, like the oval one of yours? Thanks, Buddy
  15. We had a car show here in Podunk this past week-end. Had over 200 vehicles entered. I always try to find a Rivi, but are pretty rare here. Saw a nice 63, red in color. I talked to the owner who is from the Chicago area. He towed the Riv on a dolly all the way to Az. His name is Jim Gallagher, and we had a nice time chatting about our cars. Anyway, have a great day...... Buddy
  16. Well, I have one of the 454 Non-GS, numbers matching...........I'm still happy. GS or not..... Hope everyone had a safe, and Merry Christmas....... Buddy
  17. That looks great....I'm planning on going that route also. Do you have a pic of the connection where you had the pipes shortened for shipping? Thanks, Buddy
  18. Hi RIVNIK, If you place your pointer over Companzers Riv. it will highlite and right below you will see "Send Message". Or, you can click on Companzer RIV, and his info will pop up and also show a "Send Me a Message" link. Either way will probably be better than waiting for a reply. Hope this helps, Buddy
  19. Sort of topic, but did the location of the hose to the air cleaner not have a set location? Mine is behind the drivers side snorkel. Just curious..... Buddy
  20. I'd say go with the decal also. I really like the clean look, and the show of the engine. On my 65, 2x4, I want to go to an oval black air cleaner. I'll keep or sell the chrome dual snorkel, but It just covers up too much of the engine.,,,
  21. What Tom said... My 65 which sat for over 20 years, had basically the same issue. After the folks here helped me out with suggestions, I first replaced the modulator. Still the same issue. Next was the vac. hose. Found it to be completely clogged. Replaced it, and she shifts so Purdy.....
  22. Maybe a death in the family, and the kids just want to get rid of it? I don't think I could put that much in mine and make it look that sweet........
  23. I don't have anything to add either, except to say that is a sharp looking ride you have. I'm 6ft. tall with a nice Beer Belly I've been working on for many years, and I fit in my 65 just fine.
  24. I totally understand what your saying. We hit 115 wed. and Thurs. It was a balmy 100 at 11:00 pm last night. Cooling down to 113 today. I was going to drive the 65 up to my cabin in the mountains for the summer, but I think I waited too long.
  25. Do you belong to the "Procrastinators Club of America"? I'm a member. No dues as I keep putting off sending it in....... When I did the rockers on my 65, I got to the point towards the end that I didn't care if I got a little sloppy. And that was with them off. lol. I think the wheels and the clams were the worst. Well, and the grill.......... Buddy
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