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  1. The service manual covers the rebuilding process as far back as the electrics go. The "soap can" are Tenna brand. The CB antenna pictured is the hardest to restore as the loading coil is hard to find where the plastic is not broken. Best of luck in your endeavorers - keep us posted. Ron
  2. Just a tidbit about govmo power antenna masts. The different divisions used different tips at the end of the antenna. So the 63 PA from a Pontiac will likely work in a 63 Olds (allowing for mounting brackets) but would not be a 100 percent correct antenna if judging were a factor. Ron
  3. I thought she was in it as well but now I am wondering if it was a chevy or pontiac? Have not seen the movie in 20 or 30 years. Ron
  4. I think there is a picture of a 58 Impala that James Garner dunked in pool that has some good shots of the interior in color. I do not recall the movies name. Ron
  5. I would NOT expect the dash to be spot welded back then, my 49, 56 olds bolt in as does my 56 caddy. I used three of the dash "pods" to hold the clock, compass and my "factory air" controls on my 49. Maybe you can salvage the entire car and make a few bucks. Pictures will help sell your parts. Ron
  6. I wonder if you could squirt some adhesive remover in the edges to release the many decades of gluing? Ron
  7. Yes do use the compass. I gave over $150 for a nos one 7 years ago. Wonder what fluid they used to float the unit in - antifreeze (ethelin glycol)? Ron
  8. I have read that Pontiac ambulances were produced in limited numbers during 43 and 44. By late 44 - the war in Europe was considered won and they started getting ready for the 45's, but the Japan war stretched on so they became 46's. Ron
  9. Pictures are always helpful. I hope you did not cut up a 1952 power steering column? They are rare as hens teeth. Ron
  10. I have only seen one in person on a car in OK. They are not common and this fellow had the factory info that explained how to retrofit the wheel back as far as 1949 on olds. The driving pf the car and twisting of the wheel wound the clock and is not electrically wound so it is a novelty item unless you drive the car daily. I do not know how it comes apart - but it should not be rocket science - pun intended. Ron
  11. Who said Walter Mitty has passed - that was him in his 2 ton Buick you just avoided in the head on collision! Ron
  12. Wiper blades only last a year or so it exposed to weather. The rubber also takes a set when left in one position for any length of time. I have never had a metal blade holder wear out but have had the pretty plastic ones break and scar the windshield. Ron
  13. My supply of old parts is long gone. I have a "bucket" of old parts that I bought way back in 70 or 71. $10 for 2 pumps, 2 wipers and 3 vent motors. and a few other items The guy had 10 or 12 vacuum pumps, Chevy wiper motors, power vent motors. I used a Chevy wiper motor on one of my 56 Olds but did not like the "two" speeds. I used one of the automatic vacuum pumps on the other 56 Olds and liked the results better (variable speed). The vac pump was for the Buick's brakes but works great on the wipers - I still run the regular vacuum pump on the fuel pump but sandwiched the electric pump
  14. If you can find a 53 or 54 - they had an automatic electric vacuum pump to ensure the wipers always worked. I put one on my 56 Olds just to be safe. With the wiper motor cleaned and lubed as new and new hoses - it is a great simple device and passing was a problem when it was raining in my 56 Olds but that was just dumb old me. It slowed but did not stop. The vac motor elimated the slowdown. I try not to do supid stuff like that now a says. There is a updated version of that that is made in Spain - no product name - go figure that one out? Ron
  15. Mocephus - All info is great info! HH56 - I saw the Packard picture (B&W) on their web site but it appeared huge in the photo. I will get it calculated and post the results. In real life it is a smaller coil than I envisioned but the numbers will tell the story. Your pictures are very good and I was not expecting them for weeks if ever. Thanks! The 56 Caddy unit I rebuilt is roughly the same size, just in a box. Ron
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