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  1. What is the PAS monthly bulletin and where can it be found? Thanks
  2. Look very forward. We are located a block off 35W and Berry if want to check us out to. We have four Packards in the collection. Thank you.
  3. I would love new caps but will settle for better. Thank you for responding. Let me know what you have.
  4. We are in process of restoring our 1940 Packard Super 180 and very much in need of the following items: Packard One Eight hub caps and the inner trim rings between outer and hub cap needed. Packard fender mirror. Need mirror only. Rear Luggage rack release knob needed. Radio channel buttons needed. Plastic rear ash tray handles needed.
  5. Not sure of year or model other than it is a 39 or 40 with the plastic dash. I am attempting to find someone who restores these type dashes for a friend who otherwise has a very nice car. Any assistance is appreciated.
  6. Is there anyone currently working on, restoring plastic dashboards. Thank you.
  7. I found the show to be very lame. The guy takes quick look at the car like a kid in a candy store, gets to take je wiz ride and then pulls a number out the air of what he thinks it's worth. This is a one season show at best.
  8. I have a vintage Bear Headlight tester in Phoenix I need transported to the Dallas area asap. It weighs about 60 pounds smaller than a gas pump in size. Any help appreciated. Thanks...Mike
  9. i agree check out both these organizations for lots correct information. Parts are available for most all years including the early years. As the owner of a 64 Avanti R 2 I am one that believes the only real Avantis were those produce by Studebaker in 63 and 64.
  10. 63R-2126 was an R1 Avanti.
  11. My photos from the Lake Mirror Classic on October 20 in Lakeland, FL. All my pictures Lake Mirror Classic Auto Festival - Lakeland, FL - October 20, 2012 - SILVERPLATE1945's Photos
  12. I have the glass bowl filter on my 1964 Studebaker Avanti R2. It's a Delco unit and I do not know if this was factory or not. I also have a new one still in the box,
  13. Not to steal your post Ron but here is our 1964 Studebaker Avanti R2 at the Boca Show. We were awarded a second place in class and excellence in show award. You have an awesome car Ron! Mike One of my photos of your car -
  14. That would be my color- Avanti Turquoise
  15. If it is a 1965 model it was not produced by Studebaker and will not a Studebaker V8 in it. A 65 is an Avanti II.
  16. My pictures fro the Lake Mirror Classic Auto Festival in Lakeland Florida a couple weeks ago. All my pictures from the show LAKE MIRROR CLASSIC AUTO FESTIVAL 2011 - SILVERPLATE1945's Photos
  17. A few of my pictures- All my show pictures: CONCOURS D'ELEGANCE OF AMERICA AT ST. JOHN'S 2011 - SILVERPLATE1945's Photos
  18. I am looking for someone who can tow my car from the Fort Lauderdale area to Lakeland and back departing Friday October 14 and returning Sunday October 16, 2011. Prompt reply to any inquiries. Thanks.
  19. Does anyone have any experiences with Horseless Carriage Carriers used for transporting a car? Thank you. Mike
  20. Can anyone tell me what class a 1964 Studebaker Avanti is in? Thanks...Mike