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  1. I'm aware of a passenger sedan on ebay currently, but we're looking exclusively for a coupe roadster or another open top body style.
  2. Looking for very good restored examples of the Packard Super 8 Coupe Roadster. We are open to similar convertible body styles as well. Anything from 1932 on is of interest to us, please do not hesitate to get in touch! Jake Auerbach New York, NY 212 929 3909 info@cooperclassiccars.com
  3. Year: 1941 Make: Lincoln Model: Continental Coupe Price: $75,000 Location: New York, NY Contact Information: info@cooperclassiccars.com 212 929 3909 The Cooper Classics Collection is proud to present this brilliantly restored 1941 Lincoln Continental Coupe. Only 850 of these majestic luxury cars were ever constructed. When first produced, the Continental was easily identifiable as a Lincoln, but its seven inch longer hood and body sectioned to be 3 inches lower than its Zephyr counterparts left no confusion about its refinement and subtle good taste. The fenders, both front and rear, were le
  4. Hi everyone! We are putting a call out to anyone in the Palm Beach area of Florida with a Woodie wagon and a Jeep style Woodie as well for a Photoshoot (no driving involved) for a major global clothing line. The shoot will be taking place in Wellington, Florida on March 13th and 14th. We ask that you be available to transport the vehicle to and from the photoshoot and you are encouraged to be with your vehicle for the duration of the shoot. While the vehicle is on set it is FULLY covered by the production companie's insurance plan. If this sounds like something that you would be interested in
  5. Thanks for the leads everyone, however my search continues. A little more info on the shoot: This will be a still shot taking place in Lenox, MA. The photographer is attempting to recreate a scene that will depict author Edith Wharton standing with her 1904 Pope. I understand that a 1904 certainly is hard to come by, so at this point we are hoping to find a Pope of any year. Edith and Teddy Wharton were proud owners of the first car sold by Pope Motor Car Company in 1904 (more info about them here:The Mount | Edith Wharton's Home) and the shoot will be taking place at their Lenox, MA estate.
  6. Hi David, I'm sorry about the way that worked out for you! The employee that you're speaking of no longer works here, and to the best of my knowledge that shoot was cancelled by the client. As for the Pope Hartford, our client requested a 1904 but as David has mentioned this may be a difficult task. Any help finding Pope Hartfords (of any year) would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi guys, Tomie from Cooper filmcars here (Fine Vintage, Exotic, and Classic Cars available for sale in New York City and International Shipping). I have a photoshoot going on June 13-15th, likely to be in Massachusetts (waiting for confirmation). The client is specifically asking for a 1904 Pope Hartford. Would any of you guys know of where I could track one down? We need the car for 3 days, needs to be delivered and looked after as well. The job pays very well and would certainly be worth your while. Check out our website or give me a call 212-929-3909 We have been in business for 33 years!
  8. Hello, I am at a company called Cooper Classic Cars based in NYC, NY. At Cooper we have a film car division where we provide automobiles and other props to the entertainment industry. I have a client in Chestertown, Maryland looking to rent (2) late 20's to early 30's Gatsby era vehicles for a grand gala event on Feb 25th. The vehicles will be indoors, stationary, and roped off from the events patrons (display only). We pay well! If you are interested and feel your vehicle is a good fit, please email me a picture of your vehicle and any other information to info@cooperclassiccars.com Please c
  9. 1946 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL CONVERTIBLE *Award Winner* Great Original Documentation* Featured Recently in Important Auto Museum* This outstanding 1946 Lincoln Continental Convertible scored 99.5 points out of 100 at a National Lincoln Owners Club event and was awarded a first price and a Senior badge for restoration excellence. It had a complete restoration to manufacturers specifications and is known as one of the finest Continentals in existence. The car is stunning in Monsoon Maroon over a Tan interior with a Tan convertible top. The V12 runs well and the car is a pleasure to drive. Most recen
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