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  1. Hi Larry, We will be asking for non-exclusive rights to the images. You would be asked to sign a release allowing the to use the images in the commercial, but you would retain the copyright of the images for any future use. Do you have any photos or video that might work? Thanks! Colleen
  2. I am working on a new commercial and we are looking for footage and photos of people with their cars. We are interested in all time periods from the beginnings of automobiles up to the present. The main elements we are looking for are: 1. Person or people with their new car - proud. 2. Bringing baby home from the hospital in a car. (Can also just be a baby or young child in a car or outside a car) 3. Dogs and Pick up Trucks. While these are the main things we want, we are open to any personal footage and photographs of people "living" with their car. I am hoping some of you will have these types of home movies and photos that you would be willing to share with us. (There will be compensation). We are on a very tight deadline. So we need to start collecting clips and photos right away so feel free to contact me right away with any options or questions you may have. Also, please feel free to distribute the request among your family and friends I can be reached via email at or by phone at 323-270-9298 Thanks! Colleen