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  1. I do not have a title but I can get one. In California the process takes about a month and costs between $300-500. It's probably easier to get a title anywhere else. Dave
  2. I have this 1936/37 Chrysler Airflow. This is a pretty complete car and what you don't see I also probably have. Straight 8 is still in the car and looks like it might even run. Drive train looks to be all there, the glass is all there except the windshield but I might also have a set. All the interior glass frames are here. I have lots of extra parts so I might have what you don't see. Ask me any questions about this and I'll answer as quick as possible. This car comes as parts with a Bill of Sale. I'm asking $7,500 or best offer but would like to sell this quickly. I have a lot of additional parts but not selling parts until the car is gone
  3. I am trying to find a set of S-11 emblems that go on the back corners of the hood. Any help is greatly appreciated Dave
  4. Are you still parting out this 48 Desoto? I'm looking for the S-11 Emblems that are on the back corners of the hood. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dave 805-306-1969
  5. Selling 1956 Dodge Sierra Wagon, title in hand. This is an incredible Daily Driver, runs great, is easy to drive and very comfortable, the heater and defroster works great. The car is 99.9% original, here is the back story as I have heard it. The previous owner (original owner since new) had the engine rebuilt about 9-10 years ago then he put the car into a body shop to have some minor rust repairs done, during the period the car was in the body shop the previous owner passed away and the car pretty much was forgotten until 2011 when I found it and got the body shop owner to get the needed paper work and sell it to me. Here is the work I have done, we finished up the larger of the rust repair, cut out the rust and make new panels, the rear splash pan under the tailgate and just in front of both rear wheels, behind the moldings, we matched the paint and the repairs came out excellent. Re-chromed both bumpers, and the rear bumperetts. Recored the original radiator, new fuel pump, water pump, all hoses and belt, complete new brake system from the master cylinder to the shoes all the way around, took out the gas tank, cleaned it out and coated the inside, repaired a good bit of the wiring since most of the exposed cloth wiring was fairly deteriorated, new turn signal switch. At this point everything seems to be working with the exception of the the AM radio, the tubes light up but no sound and I haven't really looked at it but it may just have a loose speaker wire. When we first started the engine it fired right up and idled perfectly, the car runs and drives nicely. The interior looks like new with the exception of one of the headliner bows rusted and slightly rusted trough the headliner but I haven't tried to clean it up yet so it may clean up. I have a few trim pieces on order from back east to finish up the outside but as of now do not have them in hand. There is a small amount of repairable rust in a couple of small places on the roof near the rain gutter but very fixable, I may have it repaired before sale depending on timing and schedule. I am still missing one of the rear quarter panel Sierra logos and have one coming otherwise the exterior is complete and in incredible shape, all original, showing a little wear from the years but no major or minor damage just small wear and tear imperfections in a couple of places. The interior looks like brand new, black and white two tone to match the exterior, carpet in great shape and even have the one piece front plastic floor mat, there is minor surface rusting on the dash under the gauges. Mechanically, we have a 315 Poly engine that I understand to be really low miles and it runs like new. Three speed standard transmission on the column, manual brakes and steering. The clutch feels good and the new brakes are velvet touch and work great. I have added a 1 inch lowering block to the rear since it sat like a truck, otherwise it's unmolested. Here's what I'm thinking, is it a $20,000.00 car, probably not, but it's definitely a high teens car because of the originality, history, rarity and condition. I'm planning on posting this on E-bay next week but thought I'd see if anyone here is interested first. Asking price $16,500 or best offer of course, Thanks, Dave
  6. I’m trying to locate a few parts for the latest project, 1956 Dodge Sierra Wagon, if you have or know anyone that has one of these or any of these parts I’d really appreciate any help I can get. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> On the back of the upper tail gate I need the chrome strip that goes across the bottom edge <o:p> </o:p> On the rear quarter panels I need the 2 ”Sierra” logos <o:p> </o:p> On the rear quarter panel I need on of the screw on points from the end of the trim <o:p> </o:p> I think I need at least one of the rear bumperettes <o:p> </o:p> And, if anyone has one laying around I’d like to have a “Suburban” script from the 2-door wagon <o:p> </o:p> Please help me get this thing back in shape
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