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  1. In this engine the heat riser serves as the intake as the carb is bolted to it and it bolts to the block. Is that to what you're referring to? That's where I suspect the leak but may not get to check it out for a bit.
  2. That intake leak sounds possible I'll check that, thanks. Yes I got this car through his Old Spokes Museum in New Smithville. Great place.
  3. What are items to check when an engine won't idle unless the choke is pulled completely out? Exhaust manifold/heat riser and carb just reinstalled.
  4. Hey keiser31, if the attached picture looks like your rims when latched then I'm glad you saw this thread. That looks like the tool I need. What is the name of the tool so I'll know what to look for? I'm learning here as this is my first antique car and I just got in April. Thanks.
  5. John my hope is to find someone locally here in the Lehigh Valley PA area to do the mounting of my new tires for me. Getting the rim spreader and then actually having to use it is my last resort. I've read through some of the previous posts about these rim spreaders and it appears there is a nack to it. Lots of warnings, and some talk of other ways to change tires on demountable rims. But I wish there was a video somewhere. Any way appreciate your warning and I really don't want to do it myself unless i have to.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply Hupp36. That's good to know that they work on various size rims. I'll be looking for one. Appreciate it.
  7. I see a couple of rim spreaders on ebay and am wondering if these are pretty much universal, that is can any be used on any size demountable rim. I have 19" rims on my 30 Essex and am in need of one. Steve
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