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  1. Sorry about the late reply; been following the meltdown(s) (nuclear and financial)... On the website there's a thumbnail of T-H, listing fifteen cars (including your three) that T-H was reportedly supplying engines to, but no mention of which engines... My old engine parts catalogs have very few TH listings as most parts companies didn't stock parts (or didn't list in catalogs but maybe could supply some on special order). Any possibility your T-H could've also been marketed as a Light?? (the Light "H" doesn't seem to match the T-H "H" in the Pilot, showing the Light "H" as a 4cyl with a different bore.
  2. Built 1918-1929 per Mroz's truck book; they were one of the "assembled" trucks, built up out of mostly vendor parts. There were over 200 makes during those years. 1930 McCord gasket catalog lists 11/2, 2, 21/2, 3, 31/2, and 5Ton models, using various Cont engines, and a separate line of "Speedboy" 11/2, 2 and 3 Ton models, but no year breakdown. Your local pub lib should have a ref copy of Mroz's book or of Georganos big world truck book (not the little one, it only has names/add's, no thumbnails).
  3. Jason: There's also a Hudson-A--aches(Essex)-Terriblepain (or was it Tearapieces?) (Terraplane) (HET Club?) club site somewhere... (Don't shoot: I had a 36 Hud 6 sedan, a 34 Terraplane sedan and a 35 Terraplane coupe). If nothing turns up quickly, getting the dist make and model from the dist tag may help: many dist's were used on more than one make/model car etc, and if so with your Hudson, may make your search easier. Googling obsolete or antique ign parts will bring up dealers, but they can be $$$$$ at times. Good luck.
  4. Conn state cptn comm (apparently Comm'l Recording Div of Sec of State's Office in Conn) will have original filing records of Conn Tel & Elec, to give you co starting date, and should have any later name changes etc as long as registered in Conn (when taken in by GT Amer may've been switched to another State). Tried Conn online records, got "no record", probably because many State online records only go back a few years, and there may be $$$fees for an earlier search (OR wants $50 (!!!) last time I checked). Local pub lib business records section may have info for free.
  5. Spur-of-the-moment searches I can't always duplicate... The ads were easy: Google (adv search, exact phrase) connecticut ignition, and the first hit should be a page with several 1920 Conn ign ads, giving the company full name/location, always important in these searches... The second step, finding the Great American piece, I couldn't duplicate right off...Googling (adv search, containing all the words) conn Tel & El co (spelled out, of course) maybe with the city/state, brings up (2nd page hits?) ieeeetc site that mentions Conn Tel and Gt Amer, but you have to join that site...what I found, whatever I was Googling adv searches, was a Time mag piece ( from 1943 detailing Grt Amer taking over Conn Tel--Google (adv search, cont'g all the words) full name Conn tel and Grt Amer spelled out) and the Time hit will come up. Under some Conn Tel/ Conn Tel Grt Amer? search were WWII Conn Tel eqpmt or ads, and business sites referring to Grt Amer of Vestal, NY, apparently still in business. Two of the business sites didn't refer to telephone or electric business, but one more complete one did, but where I can't recall. The truck list is from Power Wagon magazine, which published an annual spec book and, in 1919 and 20, and maybe later, also published specs in some of the monthly mags (I have bound copies for 1919-20). And even if I scribble notes as I go along, I often can't read them later!! Googles advanced search can be very effective, and also filter out a lot of similar hits that don't apply. Glad it was helpful.
  6. Wondered why no one replied, until did some cursory Googling; not much there. Connecticut Telephone & Electric Co (name per 1920 online ads) was apparently engulfed by a conglomerate named Great American Industries, Inc in 1943 or so, and one hit sounded like still in existence. Didn't quickly find a website for either, didn't pursue (probably missed somewhere or another name change/absorption). Don't have any car specs, but truck list 1919 shown Conn ign in: Briscoe 1/2 and 1Ton, own engines; Collier 11/4T, Lyc; Gem 1/2T GB&S; Kearns 1/2T Lyc; Lane G19 11/2T Cont; Old Hickory N 11/2T Lyc; Overland ("1200 lbs") own engine. Also had I&T's 1919-26 US tractor hist out of library; while maybe 1/4 of listings just show "hi-tens mag", no Conn system listed. Since the truck listings were out of 500+ makes/models up to 10Ton, sounds like Conn systems mostly in smaller engines/cars etc.
  7. There seems to've been at least 793 Century Elec Co's in years past and at present (or was it 973??)...anything on that engine re' where this particular Century Elec Co was located?? Is "Century Electric Co" the exact wording?? on attached tag or cast?? There was some experimentation re' elec motor-generators driven by gas engines, both in cars and trucks/buses.
  8. I'm not personally familiar with which IH engines are rare and which popular in their time, but FWIW a couple old bearing catalogs show your HD213 sharing all bearings (rods, mains, cams) with a batch of other HD's and some GRD's. Parts companies sometimes drop listings of low-production engines from their catalogs but still have the parts listed under more popular engines, or available on special order. A 68 American Hammered catalog also showed optional heavy duty rod bearings. You might also try (com??) for parts sources. Re' Egge et al (obsolete engine parts dealers) aths (antq trk hist soc) has a list of a number of them in their "parts and services" section. If nothing turns up (or nothing affordable) let me know who you've tried and I may be able to suggest others. Good luck.
  9. Since you're Down Under (squared??), is this a local (AU-NZ) engine?? US?? Brit?? If unknown, are the fasteners (nuts,bolts, threads) US, metric or whitworth?? Do you have any other info as to original use/history?? Why leads you to assume it was a car/truck engine?? I'm not familiar enough with older engines to guess at a time period or if, as nzc wondered, it could've been for/by a genset or a power unit of some kind.
  10. Historynut: What's the engine in your complete roadster?? Cont'l "O" or "U"?? Seems like most likely choice, unless they were already using Walters. Many thxx for any info. Bud
  11. Have you determined if Grants mechanical/electrical etc parts were built in-house or were acquired from outside sources (as most cars were then)??? Perhaps if you advised what you know about the car we could better help you. D'you have any part of an engine left at all??? Grant built trucks, too; have you been looking for any Grant owners (usually your best sources for info/parts suggestions) on the old-truck sites?? More info will help get more helpful replies.
  12. The Pak-Age-Car seems to've had a number of engine configurations over the years, at least per my old parts catalogs: Approx 26(??) to 29 a 2cyl 31/4 bore, a flat (horizontally-opposed) per Mroz; By 33 an Austin 4 cyl 2.2 bore; Approx 34-35 a Stutz-Austin 4 cyl 2.2 bore; Approx 36-37 the 4cyl Herc IXA, I believe primarily or wholly a tractor/ag eqpmt engine, but no problem for a stop-start vehicle, and probably a benefit if it developed power at relatively low RPM; Approx 38-41 a 4cyl Lycoming DC (Auburn used many Lycomings). My impression is that Lycoming parts are not that easy to find, but I don't know how widely the DC was used (if that is, in fact, the correct engine--parts catalogs are not that reliable).
  13. Since using old parts catalogs for engine ID, I find this happens fairly often, particularly in the assembled vehicles, probably due to things like: Production changes during run, as Stude8 suggested; Engines or parts contracted for, but unavailable at production, after info acquired by parts co's for catalogs, and others substituted; Engines/parts available as options but not noted in catalogs; Units that purchasers required fitted with their personal preferences as to engine or accessories (carb, ign) etc. Not to mention someone fitting something else that'd fit/work if OE no longer findable!! Lots of fun!!
  14. Senior moment: forgot this was on the Cont'l forum---email Jerry at Montes in Chicago (see the "Hlep" thread by Fireman29 in the Technical forum here for email). With the engine model (should be on tag with ser #) AND ser # he might be able to tell orig carb ID. Good luck.
  15. Did this appear on another forum?? (Sounds familiar...). As to dist: What's important is the tag on the dist, giving the Delco/AL/Whatever elec co ID #. Whatever it is, it and/or cap, points, etc were probably used on other makes/models (unless Seagraves-specific dual ign rig)... Tag with engine # should also give engine maker if anyone other than Seagraves. Where've you looked so far??
  16. With all due respect, perhaps if you stated what you've done so far to track problem, whether car running and just stopped (if so, how it acted when it stopped) or whether sitting for days, months, years, and if so, under what conditions, stuff like that, someone might be able to make suggestions...
  17. noncompos


    Geez, I love a mystery... I've got pages of Cont'l engine designations, but aside from a couple "specials" they're all numbers-letters. Was this on a tag, stamped, cast or painted on?? There was an American Standard truck mfr, but apparently only 1910-11 or so, nowhere near 1917. The Liberty trucks of WWI, the "military standard" model built by several mf'frs, the engines (apparently more than one "liberty" model) built by several engine m'f'rs, were sometimes called "standards"... I'd contact Garrad(Jerry) Moon at Monte's in Chicago, the highly recommended Guru/parts source for obsolete Cont'l parts/advice/sympathy or Good luck.
  18. DICK: As to actual Stover cars, you might save a lot of time by contacting Krause; my copy of the Std Cat contains a request for any additional information, and they should have in their files their basis for saying DC did produce a few cars, presumably trade or local paper announcements, ads, etc. Ahhh: Std Cat also says the automobile co was formed to build his Phoenix, which apparently never made it into production. If reviewing old pieces, don't confuse with his Phoenix bicycle; car was supposed to run on alcohol per Std Cat. Krause probably has basis (bases plural?) for Phoenix refereence as well. Good luck.
  19. Farm engines are not my thing, so had no idea D.C. was so rich or well-known. I assume you've found the Stover Automobile Company, incptd 1905. I should think DC's every accomplishment, cars included, would be lovingly detailed in the local paper/s of the time...I don't envy your hours of scanning old papers on microfilm!! Oh: Any connection to the Chicago-Stover Automobile Co., apparently in being circa 1912 (Brabazon bio)?? Std Cat has no listing under Chicago or Stover.
  20. FWIW, Std Cat Am'cn Cars sez Stover established the Motor Car Co "... as adjunct (sic) to his gasoline-engine producing...It's total production was a few Automobiles and a single railway motor inspection car in 1909. In December of that year he sold the assets of his automobile venture to Buda...Harvey, Ill.... Buda indicated its plans to establish an "automobile department", but ultimately decided against...factory built for the Stover car was turned over to manufacture of Stover engines." (I believe Buda built railway cars, but I don't know when they started or how long produced). On Jim's link to Railway Age pg 271 (the 4 pass railway car), there's also a piece on a proposed 35 pass railway car on pg 750, powered (or maybe to be powered by?) a 4cyl 5x5. Googling the Motor Car Co also brings up the Spring 2010 copy of the Sagebrush Headlight: Self-propelled Passenger Cars in Nevada, Part II, about 10 pgs fine print, that I did NOT read to find a reference to Stover, but it should be in there somewhere. (Many other hits showed up) DICK: Have you talked to the local pub lib/hist soc about any Stover document collections or local newspaper announcements etc??
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    Two questions: (1) Can't get 2nd pic to blow up... (2) Do you have GMC model # and/or ton rating (preferably both)?? Don't follow GMC; have a few catalog listings showing some Cont'ls and probably some Northways, but may've also been using other then-GM motors
  22. First name that jumped into my mind was Nash...1935?? Your State should have the old registration records. Good luck
  23. Stude8: Shurfit sounded familiar; dug thru my stuff, found their Cat #81 I'd forgotten about, only 68 pgs, 28/30-42, cars and mainline trucks + Diam T, no assembled stuff other than DT, does show dist# etc, no X-ref/usage index (also shows Peerless 1930 8cyl "A" IGH4011A, 30-31 8cyl "B" and "C" IGH4010). Many thxx for info, will look for one (but probably not be able to afford it, if they've become like the gasket catalogs!!). Incidentally, yours will have SOME stock eng info, if the truck listings are like mine: truck eng ID is listed with truck models, incl stock engines where used. 34 Chilton Flat Rate lists Peerless "125" 8cyl 29-30; Std 8 30-31; Master and Custom 8 30-31, but no A-B-C; it's bad enough when catalogs contradict each other, worse when they use different model designations!! I have some 1930?-60? parts catalogs that are of no use to my present fickle interest (US independent engine builders--Buda, Cont, Herc, Wauk etc--and what trucks/ag/const/ind'l eqpmt their engines went into); if you have any with such engine info you have no use for, and might like to trade, email
  24. STUDE8: Your Shurfit catalog sounds handy; I'd appreciate knowing if it includes stock industrial engines like Buda, Cont etc, or any truck/eqpmt etc installations, and the exact name on the cover so I'll know what to watch out for. If I've seen one advertised I apparently didn't realize it was an installations guide. Many thxx!! Bud
  25. TOM: Are you saying your 1G 1325 was the cap you needed?? What's your 13K in, or out of, just out of curiosity... STUDE8: My 35-46 Motor manual has two IGM's (or 1GM's, whatever is correct)in the Auto-Lite dist specs: IGM 4003 and 4003A. Auto-Lite dist numbers therein run IGB, IGC, IGE, IGH, IGK, IGM, IGO, IGP, IGS, IGT, and IGW, but, alas, no older ign catalogs for reference.