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  1. The original Marmon Wasp engine may've been a special one-off Teetor-Hartley. Coker Tire acquired a T-H six from a fire truck in building their copy. (T-H's were reportedly built 1903?1907 to 1918/1919 (into 1920's???). Various T-H thumbnails say T-H furnished engines (plural) to Marmon, so must've been used in some production models as well. Coker tire has my set down as part of a spam network (??) and won't accept email; my post for info on honestcharliegarage Wasp copy building report goes unanswered, as does email to Marmon Club. Does any Club member here have access to Marmon history re' T-H engines being used in Wasp (old and new) and/or production models, and/or will try for info from Coker or honestcharlie re' what make/model/year fire truck the "new" six came from??? While I've found no references to T-H's in trucks, another T-H six, apparently from a "Cosmopolitan" fire truck (an ALF model per Google) was on prewarcars awhile back. Any help with this appreciated!! Many thxx!! Bud
  2. First, also put this on the Durant forum here, which appears to be permitted; your engine's almost certainly a Cont, and other owners should know of any special procedures required for removal. If you still need help/advice/sympathy, there's also a Durant/Star club website For UK parts sources, if nothing definite turns up here or on the Durant forum here, try contacting Peter, who's a moderator on smokstak and posts as ListerDiesel. He's in Ruston, Northhamptonshire and is quite knowledgeable re' UK obsolete parts sources. He can be emailed etc thru that site. Here in the States for obsolete Cont parts one contacts Garrad (Jerry) Moon at Monte's in Chicago for parts/advice/sympathy; P A Ross Machinery in Dallas has also been mentioned as quite helpful. or And, yes, Star cars and trucks were both sold as Rugby in the UK per my old parts catalogs. Good luck.
  3. Not familiar with any window crank with a nut on it; that being said, in many 30's/40's, where the window crank had a spring loaded bezel, you pressed in the bezel, and that uncovered the little hole in the crank handle. It was for a little recessed pin; you simply shoved the pin all the way out with a slightly smaller wire and the handle slipped right off the window gear shaft. It sometimes took two to reinstall: one to push the bezel in against the spring (which is inside the upholstery backing) while another lined up the hole on the handle with the hole in the shaft and pushed in the little pin. HTH
  4. Well,'ll have to check whatever Mopar (Chrysler Cptn) sites you can find. I was in one for something 2-3 weeks ago, and it said something about original build sheets (the factory record of car, engine, accessories etc) being available, but I can't recall what website or what years they were talking about. You can also post on the Chrysler forum here as not everyone looks at all the new posts. Good luck.
  5. All too often, when something like that's visible, it's a case of the owner not wanting to sell for personal reasons, or, at times, because they've read about classics selling for 100K+ and've priced them beyond reach. On the other hand, you never know...
  6. It's almost certain someone's looking for them; the hard part is finding the ones who want/need them. If you can post a pic/pics, good, and measurements'd be necessary, too. (iron rim size diam and width)...also, if you can, look closely for anything stamped/cast on that might help with ID. Looking at some 1919 specs, iron was only left on 3-4Ton and larger, with some steel coming in, and Smith was the only maker listed, but yours may be from one of the mainline trucks or even something else. The largest general old-truck site I know is aths (Am Trk Hist Soc); SuperJeff there (Jeff L) who runs the "What Am I?" forum there, has a monumental collection of truck pix, and he loves a mystery. There's antiquetruckclubofamerica, a much smaller site; the rest that come to mind are make-specific. Oh, there's a "classic truck" forum on ytmag; very little older traffic, but it's free. Do post some pics and try aths too. Good luck. Oh" "set": two or four?? Most older solid tired trucks had smaller on the front than on the back.
  7. Not in the area, but it might help if you'd mention whether it was a Crosley or a V-16 (sorry; couldn't resist!).
  8. Google for "petroliana" is the only one that comes to mind but I'm not even sure it's still there. They're gas station item collectors/enthusiasts/obsessives and they'll know what it's worth.
  9. While you didn't say if you had a Special or a Roadmonster/Limited, a point to consider is what kind of surfaces you'll be on...I assume you'll keep it on the pavement, but with the condition of some of the pavements these days (and likely to get worse as States cut back on maintenance and/or tear up the pavement to return roads to gravel) you might want to consider 6 plys for increased impact (potholes, stones, etc causing X-breaks, which pinch the tubes) resistance. If it's strictly on good pavement 4 should be plenty, ride better as already stated. I wouldn't always rely on what the mfr put on, unless you want originality; I can't comment re' Buick, but I've known new car buyers who negotiated better tires or drove off the dealers lot and down to the tire shop to have better tires put on.
  10. I have Shurhit catalog #81; can't find any date...covers cars from 28 to 42 , and mainline trucks roughly 30-42 (no orphan trucks, which is what I wanted it for!)... Be happy to check some numbers, BUT won't promise to advise, 'cuz while I'm not familiar with ign parts, from what I see Shurhit devised more or less "generic" products that fit a LARGE number of installations (or perhaps they just listed the installations their parts fit???). STUDE8: #3 and #6 sets are hard to find?? This catalog shows #3's for Chrysler and DeSoto 8's, and #6's for Buick and Cadillac 8's (and probably others as I didn't look any further)... I would've thought these Mopar and GM ign parts'd all be reproduced by now...can send a list if you don't have one as seems limited to several 29-31 models in a few makes (not that many 8's).
  11. Whippet was part of Willys-Overland; put this on the Willys forum here and/or also post on some of the Willys Clubs forums. Good luck.
  12. You can also check with Dave Reed, Otto Engine Works (, who has an excellent reputation among collectors/restorers of antique/obsolete Ag/Ind'l/Const engine powered eqpmt, and has been mentioned here as well. Good luck.
  13. Is the battery going down??? Like CH1929 sez, reverse the cables, it should then show charging; if the battery stays up, problem solved. If the battery goes down, back to the drawing board...(I've never heard of a 6V system being hurt by this problem, not unusual when some cars were pos grnd and some neg grnd)...
  14. With all due respect, you haven't said where, if anywhere, you've asked... You start with your local parts house, or, if lots of money, your local GM dealer....if nothing, then: Check with Olds owners clubs (see the Olds forums here) for parts sources; most bearings/seals, unless highly unusual, can be matched by replacement bearing and/or seal companies... You can Google for obsolete bearing/seal dealers/companies, but it's always a good idea to start with other owners (Clubs) for their experience on who/where to deal with; they often have parts dealers as "sponsors" that they've found reliable and responsible as suppliers, and this site may well have some (I don't know as I'm no longer into buying parts). Good luck
  15. Kent: Haven't found much on engines, and most is confusing due to lack of speciic engine ID's, nor do I have time to really pursue this increasingly fascinating inquiry (everyone loves a mystery!). Still, it's too much, with comments, to clutter forum with; will send emails in next few days. Good luck with your researches. Take care. Bud (Bud Tierney/noncompos/clueless/nc mentis)
  16. Kent: Not much more in the way of engine info (will post later) but three questions: I find a rather primitive 1925 Perfect Circle (on the cover) catalog in my batch, with "Teetor Perfect Circle Piston Rings" logo on an inside page and the back cover, about 20 inside pgs but double column. That inside page says pub by Indiana Piston Ring Co., Hagerstown, IN. Covers cars and trucks; it only shows two Teetors: Auburn 1916-17 (no model desig) a 31/8 6cyl (no eng desig), and possibly ?? the same eng in Pilot #645 (6cyl #45??) 1917-21 ID'd as the Teetor "H". This catalog has no "Motors" section. There's also a more comprehensive 1933 Perf Circle catalog (98 inside pgs, no mention of Teetor) with a "Motors" section: Budas from 1912, Hercs from 1915, (the rest mostly from 1925) but no T-H listing at all; so: (1)why didn't they list their own engines, or at least the more popular ones, in their own 1933 catalog??? (2) If the "engine" business was sold in 1918, Anstead/Lexington apparently kept line going to go into 1917-1921 Pilots, etc, ??? (3) I've never gotten into the "Anstead" engine (I show at least two models, but same b/s); any known connection between the T-H engines and the Anstead(s)???
  17. As DD mentioned, if you look into ging into this, for older info start at a good pub lib;they often have reference items (can't be checked out but can be used (ie, copied) at the library), including old auto related stuff... My 9th Ed Motor Manual (36-46 cars) has several pages of AL/DR specs, for example. Had some Delco repair books awhile back, should be lots more on EBay. Then, of course, there's autolit, for hard to find (ie, $$$$$) stuff... Pencil everything carefully; no one's sure which way the economy's going to go...
  18. Put this on the Stude forum below--Stude bought EMF 1912??
  19. Kent: I was WRONG on the Light engine connection; when I checked my notes I found I'd crossed out the connection to your Light; the Light tractor engines were built by Light Mf'g & Foundry Co, Pottstown, PA, and were used in the early 20's. I did find one possible tractor connection: the Lawter tractor (Lawter Tractor Co, Newcastle, IN) may've used a T-H engine in its original 1913 model; later models, to their end in 1916 or so, used a large Wauk 43/4x61/4...some quick Googling turned up ref's to the later models, but nothing on the original 1913 for verification. There's no engine list in Marjories book?? No company catalogs/brochures in the Hagerstown pub lib/Hist Soc old document collections?? No local advertising in the local paper(s) of the period?? T-H just don't get much respect; the Std Cat Am Cars 1805-1942 only mentions them in McF and Pilot, but no details... All the independent engine mfr's I'm familiar with (mostly truck/ag) used some letter/number/combination ID for their different models if for no other reason than to track mfg. With sympathy, Bud
  20. PACERMAN: "Standard Catalogs" are not always what they're supposed to be...I got a copy of the "Standard catalog Of V8 Engines, 1906-2002", and its' title really should be "Standard Catalog of Mainline V8 Engines", as it allows all of pgs 280-287 to "Minor Makes", the engines I was really interested in. Fortunately it was a low priced used copy' almost worth (to me) what I paid. Buy carefully!
  21. Kent: Yes, ran across the Light/T-H connection looking for info on the "Light" engines used in tractors; I'd seen the T-H name in car references in past years but at that time was earlier than my interests, so paid little attention. Neither Light nor T-H appeared often enough in my present field of interest to add to my engine lists (compiled primarily from old parts catalogs and these forums, concentrated on trucks, ag/const/ind'l uses). A 1917 Burd piston ring catalog does show three T-H engines: 1917 "H" 6cyl 31/8 bore, 4-ring piston; 1917 "A-17" 4cyl 37/8 bore, 3-rings; 1917 "T-17" 6cyl 41/2 bore, 5-ring (unusual). It also lists one Light: the "H" 4cyl 31/4 bore, 3-rings. That catalog shows no stroke figures. It covers mostly 1915-17, with a scattered few as early as 1910. Neither a 1930 McCord gasket catalog nor a 38 Victor gasket catalog show any Light engine; both do show a T-H "H" 6cyl BUT as a 3x5. Neither show any years. A few industrial engines were issued by their mfrs in more than one bore, using the same number or letter ID, but it was unusual; it's also possible the 1917 catalog was a misprint, altho Burd, like McCord and Victor, was a well known mfr. You'll find a few T-H threads on smokstak-search Teetor and they'll come up-which may or may not be interesting. Will eyeball my other catalogs as time permits and advise any other engine info; I need to start a list anyway. With sympathy, Bud
  22. Worse!! 2003!! GOT to remember to check those dates!! I'd call it a senior moment but my whole life seems to be senior moments (altho it still beats the alternative!!).
  23. Try checking with Garrad (Jerry) Moon at Monte's Eqpmt in Chicago, generally considered the place to start for old Cont parts/advice/sympathy. or I do have an older (but undated) Cont "Operators Manual" for L-head 4 and 6cyl engines (pathetic little thing with all of 22 pgs) but it doesn't cover that far back and I'd hesitate to rely on it for torques if it did. FWIW, this covers the Ag/Ind N and Y 4's and the Ag/Ind/Truck F 4's: for 7/16 head it lists 70-75, but omits minor details like oiled or dry, existing cleaned thread or new studs. Email/call Jerry. If for any reason can't reach him or knowledgeable person at Monte's try P A Ross in Dallas, also often mentioned as helpful with old Cont'ls. Good luck.
  24. No replies on these??? Dodge bought Graham Bros truck operation; any of the old Dodge truck forums should have answers.
  25. Juha: Sorry to hear about your problems with Egge; they're a long established obsolete parts etc dealer here, and I don't recall seeing any other complaints about them, except for prices on obsolete parts, but that's not unusual in this hobby... Dave Reed, as Stude Light advised, has an outstanding reputation among collectors/restorers here; if you don't have money invested with Egge, I'd suggest asking him who'd be a reliable piston supplier and relying on his recommendations. Good luck.