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  1. I picked up some odd jacks several years ago, sold all but two or three, but ID'd about half thru ad pix on Ebay and then Googling for the jack co info and other pictures/images of that brand jack.
  2. JROYSE: Many thxx for reply---don't waste any more time unless you're interested yourself in ID'ing your engine. Per my old parts catalogs (which often don't agree and're as often contradictory) looks like you probably have either: Lyc "L", a 31/4x5, apparently in models 5A, 6, 7 and 9 and 29; OR Lyc "K" or "KB" , both 31/2x5, used in models 8, 10, 11, 15, 17, 18, 23 and maybe others. When dates are shown (not often) the "L" shows as 1916-17, the "K/KB" as 18/19 to 21/23 (as I said, these often don't agree) Again, many thxx for reply!!.
  3. JROYSE: My stuff is weak on Dort, but what I have shows various Lyc for your time period---I'm actually looking for info on the Lyc CE, shown used in what seem to be later Dorts, but thought I'd ask what's in yours just in case. No ack/reply necessary if NOT the CE or any LYC C series. Many thxx!! Bud
  4. Barry: Does that book say anything about their weird/wonderful engine designation system(??) Already in 1917, per a Burd ring catalog, it was a mess: "A" was a 4cyl 4" bore, but 6A was a 6cyl 31/2 bore... "B" AND 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B and 7B were all 2cyl's, all with 41/4 bore... 6H, 7H and 8H were all 31/2 bore...6N, 7N and 8N were all 31/2 bore...7W and 8W were 31/4 bore, but 9W was 33/8, whereas, if they'd followed the 6- and 7- above, 9W would've been 31/4... Not to mention issueing "C", "D" and "N" engines in two bores, and the "O" engine in three...must've been a nightmare for parts people. Ken
  5. Continental was one of the primary early US independent engine builders, and may well've been THE primary builder...Continentals were in literally everything imaginable, altho I don't believe they ever went into the heavy industrial type engines (to me that's 1200 cid up) (I'm open to correction as all my ref material is on truck/tractor/const etc stuff). There's a pathetic little thumbnail on Wiki; my computers still sick and can't research much. There's a list of (known) cars and trucks that used Cont'l engines on a Continental engine page on the Hemmings website...I can't comment on the car
  6. Where were we?...(remember, SOME, as above)... Nash 41-42 Amb 6 4140 (only Nash taking ID8 in my catalog); Olds 28-35; Peerless 61, 61A 29-30; Pontiac 28-32; Reo 1936 6D Flying Cloud (only Reo, as above); Stude 29-34 and the 36 Canadian (model or built in Canada??); TRUCKS: Chev 29-33; Dodge 30-34; GMC T16 34-35 (Olds F34 eng); IH 32-42...these include some 4cyl's, and include Wauk and Lyc engines); Mack 1938-42 ED, DE with Cont F6209; White 33-35 "(8A) 701, 702,707" NOTES: (1)Since Cont, Lyc and Wauk used dist's that used this rotor, it's possible (actually, probable) that this rotor was use
  7. My catalog shows some (repeat, SOME): Chandler 28-29..,(SEE BELOW FOR DIST #'s)... Chev 28-34... Chrysler, DeSoto, Dodge, Ply,...28-34 Elcar 29-30 #75 and 30-31 Taxi (no dist # given) Graham 30-42 (as far as I got so far) DIST #'s shown (so far) as taking the ID8: 622C,H,L,Z; (to be read as four distributors); 623A,E.S; 630A; 631A,B,C; 632D,F,K,L,Z; 633C,D,E; 635B; 637N; 639K.X. More will follow. Remember parts catalogs were seldom complete, being more a catalog of those parts that particular company chose to include, which may not include slow-moving specialty items. Also remember the ID8
  8. Welll...lots of things! It looks like this's one of Shurhits favorite rotors. In their suggested assortments to stock (21 rotors) they suggest 10 ID8's, only one other 6, a couple others 4 and the rest only two. So it's too much to take off, and too many pages to shoot...how about a list of makes/years and dist numbers?? Models would be too much, but dist number should be good for ID. ALSO, there may be some installations prior to this catalog (Example: catalog covers DeSoto 29-42, shows ID8 in var 29-33 models, so could also be used earlier).
  9. I have Shurhit catalog #81; can't find any date...covers cars from 28 to 42 , and mainline trucks roughly 30-42 (no orphan trucks, which is what I wanted it for!)... Be happy to check some numbers, BUT won't promise to advise, 'cuz while I'm not familiar with ign parts, from what I see Shurhit devised more or less "generic" products that fit a LARGE number of installations (or perhaps they just listed the installations their parts fit???). STUDE8: #3 and #6 sets are hard to find?? This catalog shows #3's for Chrysler and DeSoto 8's, and #6's for Buick and Cadillac 8's (and probably others as I
  10. Conn state cptn comm (apparently Comm'l Recording Div of Sec of State's Office in Conn) will have original filing records of Conn Tel & Elec, to give you co starting date, and should have any later name changes etc as long as registered in Conn (when taken in by GT Amer may've been switched to another State). Tried Conn online records, got "no record", probably because many State online records only go back a few years, and there may be $$$fees for an earlier search (OR wants $50 (!!!) last time I checked). Local pub lib business records section may have info for free.
  11. Spur-of-the-moment searches I can't always duplicate... The ads were easy: Google (adv search, exact phrase) connecticut ignition, and the first hit should be a mohicanmodela.org page with several 1920 Conn ign ads, giving the company full name/location, always important in these searches... The second step, finding the Great American piece, I couldn't duplicate right off...Googling (adv search, containing all the words) conn Tel & El co (spelled out, of course) maybe with the city/state, brings up (2nd page hits?) ieeeetc site that mentions Conn Tel and Gt Amer, but you have to join that
  12. Wondered why no one replied, until did some cursory Googling; not much there. Connecticut Telephone & Electric Co (name per 1920 online ads) was apparently engulfed by a conglomerate named Great American Industries, Inc in 1943 or so, and one hit sounded like still in existence. Didn't quickly find a website for either, didn't pursue (probably missed somewhere or another name change/absorption). Don't have any car specs, but truck list 1919 shown Conn ign in: Briscoe 1/2 and 1Ton, own engines; Collier 11/4T, Lyc; Gem 1/2T GB&S; Kearns 1/2T Lyc; Lane G19 11/2T Cont; Old Hickory N 11/2T
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