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  1. Thanks Steve, ordered my issue today. And my buddy Joe Pep did the cover art! Dan Reed
  2. Drove out to the AACA Museum in my '64 Cadillac before they are forced to close again due to gov. Wolf's covid restrictions. Not sure why museums like this have to be closed. I counted four other visitors in the museum the two hours I was there on a Friday afternoon. I could drive up the road to Home Depot and encounter 100 people under one roof, but they can remain open.
  3. I personally love driving a vintage Cadillac on road trips. I just had my'64 Sedan out this morning on a two hour round trip drive to Lancaster and back.
  4. I too have '64 Cadillac (series 62 four window sedan). As a couple other have stated, i'd start with a simple thing first by giggling the wire harness from the battery to the starter, then to the fire wall. I had a '56 Cadillac that quit as I turned onto my street one day. Nothing worked, no lights, radio, starter, nothing. I had my wife bring out the truck and I towed it into the driveway and five minutes later it was running. Turned out to be a loose wire at one of the terminals on the starter. Tightened with a wrench and all was well. Here's another non-starting Cadillac issue that had me baffled for a bit. The car would sound as if it was going to fire up right away, but would quit as soon as I let go the the key. I did this over and over again until an idea clicked - the ballast resistor! Sure enough, a quick replacement of the ballast resistor and that did the trick. You didn't say whether or not you determined if it was in fact the sending unit that was causing the fuel gage not to read. I've swapped out sending units before without issue and I'm not sure what that would have to do with the car not starting. It would be a great deal of help to you to go on-line and get yourself a '64 Cadillac Shop Manual. You'll find the whole wiring diagram in it too! Oh, your initial problem was a faulty fuel gage so get yourself a few gallons of gas in the car to make sure you in fact have something in the tank. Let us know how you make out.
  5. Craig, I'm very sorry to hear about your health issues. As many have stated, you are a great vendor to do business with and a gentleman to talk shop with as well. My last purchase from you was a fuel pump from you at Macungie last summer for my '64 Caddy and I was looking forward to seeing you at Ag Hall in January for Automania. Take care and I wish you the best of luck regarding your health and the sale of your inventory. Dan
  6. Thanks everyone. Trini, I took your advise - I picked up an internally regulated 3-wire alternator and wired it up this morning. Charging correctly and all systems seem good to go. Car ran fine and GEN light operates as it should coming on momentarily only at startup (or if key is turned to run position).
  7. I just replaced the alternator and voltage regulator on my "64 Cadillac. Everything seems to be charging correctly (12 volts at bat. with car off, 13-14 volts when the car is running) Odd problem is that the volt. reg. is causing the GEN light to come on while driving at certain rpms, it blinks on as I slow to a stop. Then blinks on again as I take off from a stop, but stays off while cruising speed. Then when I park and turn the car off the GEN light comes on! I can only get it to go off if I disconnect the four wire plug on the voltage regulator. What's the deal? Dan
  8. Just talked to my buddy Ken from Ken's Memory Lane Automotive Literature. He's at space C4F 13-14 near light pole 46 on the Chocolate Field.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, but not new to the AACA. I thought I would share an image of the painting I created for this year's AACA Night At The Museum auction. The painting also features three of the cars currently in the museum's new Ash and Maple Marvels - 1947 Nash, 1942 Buick, and 1947 Pontiac. Dan
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