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  1. I have not mentioned his shop, and I plan to pay so I can get my car back, but you bet I Will spray his name and what was done every place I can on the net. There won't be a car blog that doesn't know about this. I guarantee that.
  2. I went to a reputable powder coater and Body shop to get the roof and floor installed on my 1967 Camaro. We went over everything I needed done as well as exactly how much money I had to spend to the dollar. He said he could do the job for lower than that with paint and everything, so I dropped the car off in January so they could work on it a little at a time as they had time. The verbal agreement was that they would charge me a flat rate as they went along, and if they reached the point I needed them to stop they would, Hence the top dollar amount. The first bill came in March for $1500 and that was no problem, I paid it on the spot. They gave me a list of parts they needed, and I bought all of them and dropped them off. The next bill was larger actually bringing the cost to just $2000 under what we had talked about being the top amount we had discussed. The shop owner said they would not be able to paint the car till next year, and I told him this would be fine, so I could save more money to finish the project. He then called the next day to verify the paint code, which was Friday, and they painted it on Monday. He had a project that was supposed to be there on Monday, and it did not come in till Tuesday, so they took the opportunity to paint my car. The painter called to let me know it had been painted, and thought I should see it. He told me the finish was a little rough because they painted it in a booth that was almost 100 degrees, but that it could be buffed out. I went to talk to the owner, and he told me how much I was going to owe now. It was already $2000 over what I told him I totally had to spend at this time. I ask him to stop and we could finish it at a later time. The following week I went by to see the car and they had gone ahead and painted all of the trim in the car, and they were spraying bed liner on the underside of the car. I ask him about this, since I had ask him to stop, and he assured it would have a minimal cost, and would save having to do it later. That Friday he gave me another and final bill which was even $7000 higher than the one before. I told him that I had asked him to stop, and he still went ahead. He said oh don’t worry about it; just put it on a charge card! Is there anything I can do about this? I do not feel it is right to charge me for the bad paint finish when even they admit they painted the car with the Temperature too hot.
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