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  1. I have not mentioned his shop, and I plan to pay so I can get my car back, but you bet I Will spray his name and what was done every place I can on the net. There won't be a car blog that doesn't know about this. I guarantee that.
  2. I went to a reputable powder coater and Body shop to get the roof and floor installed on my 1967 Camaro. We went over everything I needed done as well as exactly how much money I had to spend to the dollar. He said he could do the job for lower than that with paint and everything, so I dropped the car off in January so they could work on it a little at a time as they had time. The verbal agreement was that they would charge me a flat rate as they went along, and if they reached the point I needed them to stop they would, Hence the top dollar amount. The first bill came in March for $1500 and
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