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  1. Name's Kyle by the way. And thanks for the reply on the wiper arms, I'll give it a shot when I'm around the car tomorrow and let you know with the results. I'm working the body mounts right now but the majority of the bolts are breaking rather than coming free, as I've come to expect with this car. Nonetheless, progress is being made slow but steady.
  2. Hey thanks a lot Gee_Rydes, we've been following your facebook pretty adamantly. Amazing progress!
  3. Hello everyone, Your help is much needed! My father and I are in the process of taking apart a '63. We're at the point of removing the body from the frame, and our original owners manuals aren't providing too much assistance. My first inquiry is about where all the frame bolts are located. We have two in the front behind the first set of wheels, and the same in the back behind the second set of wheels. Surely there are more bolts securing the body to the frame? My second question would be in regards to the windshield wiper removal. We have the assembly loose inside the body in front of the windshield, but we haven't been able to figure out how to take the actual wiper off to allow the internal parts to become free. There is a clip that seems like it's holding the wiper onto the metal assembly rods, but pressing it and pulling/prying etc. has led to nothing. We don't want to damage anything, and again the book isn't providing any help.. Any knowledge out there? Looking forward to hearing replies, and thanks for your time! We hope to get this thing moving soon enough.