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  1. Thank You all for your responses...you've all have really made it too easy to decide. Deep down I knew that I wanted to keep this beauty as close to original as possible. I've had cars from the 60's but nothing like this one. Rusty- These hot rods you're speaking of are a dime a dozen...which is why I think deep down inside I knew the correct decision for me is to go original. I guess I figured it would be more expensive to keep it original than to put a 350 & coddington wheels... I have some pic's but I need to figure out how to upload. Thanks again, -Gil
  2. Before I get a bunch of responses that say why change it to a hot rod...I really want to keep it original but money talks and BS walks...Maybe I should just keep it as is & drive her... -Gil
  3. Here's my 1st post...would like to say Thanks to everyone on this great site. Purchased a 1931 Chevrolet 5 window coupe that looks to be in very restorable condition & near original. All the wood is in good shape, with the exception of the roof which will need to be replaced. A true barn find that has the original motor that runs. Car is primered and all interior will need to be redone. This car will need some love but its all there. I guess my question is, will the car be worth more original or should I have fun with it and hot rod? I just cant see taking all these original parts out...bu
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