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  1. Thanks, Bob and Lump: I love how well this forum works. BTW, Got the bulbs and fixtures. Am wiring over Xmas -- when my son is home to chip in on the fun. JBF
  2. Restoration Supply Co. - a huge tip. Thank you Bob! BTW, this supply sources and what not is all new to me -- and, I have owned the particular car I am working on and replenishing for 56 years!!
  3. Thanks Jeff and Bud. While I always prefer OE, my firm philosophy about such matters softened some a couple of years ago - when got a new titanium hip. But, the old auto has gotten this far with the original and doubtlessly (hopefully) will outlast me. So, its off to donsbulbs, perhaps for #1110s.
  4. FRANK -- Agreed to a modern, at least more recent lens on what appears to be a headlamp from a mid-20s ESSEX, or I suppose also a Hudson. The original lens would be marked ESSEX MOTOR CAR. See the attached photos of one of a pair I am restoring. JB
  5. Greetings. From time to time -- often -- I need to identify then find the headlamp bulb to fit one or another old (1920s) headlight. Right now its a 1927 Buick (Guide-Tilt Ray): how to figure the right or at least appropriate bulb: I suspect a Mazda or equivalent. So, perhaps, where to find a compatibility sheet? Any guidance and illumination on the subject will be appreciated. Thanks to all, JB
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