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  1. I have a 1912 or 13 American Underslung Scout. My water manifold on the top of the engine has finally corroded away so badly that it is not repairable anymore. This is probably a stretch, but would anyone happen to have one, or possibly be able to recast one. Thanks Gary Kuck Lincoln, NE. garykuck@windstream.net 402-770-3348 cell.
  2. John/Bob; Thanks for the help with parts. John, I found a waterpump within 10 miles of here believe it or not, needs rebuilt but complete. Bob, I spoke with Greg Tocket at Stoneaire and he was quite helpful with info. Still coming up empty on Exhaust or someone to reproduce. Thanks for the help so far, we will get this thing up and running again with the help we have received. GARY
  3. jdome; No, I wasn't aware of this site. This is the only real early car we own and I didn't know of any sites other than the AACA where I thought I might find info. What is the best way to find the site? I appreciate the help, we would like to get this car back running after many, many years. Thanks GARY
  4. Needed water pump and complete exhaust for 1906 Cadillac Model K 1 cylinder roadster. Or someone with pattern for reconstruction. Parts lost when car was torn apart years ago for restoration and moved several times. Thanks GARY , Lincoln NE garykuck@windstream.net 402-770-3348
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