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  1. Roberts auto parts Newbury ma. has most parts , also Andy Bernbaum, Needham, ma. or search both they should come up online....good hunting
  2. sold mine in 2003,real nice.. saw one on ebay looked to be PD guys looking for $15
  3. http://forums.aaca.org/members/knobless/albums/33-pd/
  4. http://forums.aaca.org/members/knobless/albums/33-pd/
  5. still looking for 34 dodge 4 door rear venting windows have the frames just need vent frames with or without glass,,,anyone?
  6. Yes I have already done that through out the car, but I am concerned about the wood shrinking,and the interior tacks losening up, just thought there may be a supplier that stocks the original material, oh well,....thanks for your info
  7. Just bought a 34 dodge,and also looking for parts, let me look through what I have, also they make reproduction sill plates,I will look up the company in PA. send a few pictures of your dodge, Thanks to signalsteve@comcast.net
  8. looking for tac strip for interior, it was removed completely from the car, does anyone make repro. or is there something else avialable????
  9. Roberts has them and I think Bernbaum also, contact them, they are both in Ma.
  10. Can you email me photos signalsteve@comcast.net. thanks
  11. looking for a set of rear venting windows for my 34 four dr,,,,??
  12. Yes IT IS for sure! I have sold over 2oo reproduction sets plain steel and plated.
  13. For sale here and on ebay, now, plain steel, paint or plate repro. parts, signalsteve@comcast.net pictures
  14. sorry picture did not come through email me signalsteve@comcast.net wiring diagram for directionals, also have complete wiring diagram for 33 34 Dodge/ Plymouth (original )
  15. I have a trumpet in rough shape no screen may be able to repair can send pics if interested signalsteve@comcast.net
  16. I make the rubber gaskets that fit these metal insert type tops, fits excellent
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