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  1. I located an old gas cap that is 2" ID, the inside is solid brass, the outside is the old bakelite plastic, I can send pics, I'll need your email address, you can send to
  2. I have a cap that measures 2-1/5" ID, it's actually for a model a, I'll check through some boxes of old caps tomorrow and see what I can find
  3. hello, I sell vintage gas caps and have one I'd like to know what it fits, it screws on to an outside threaded filler neck 2-1/2", made by Stearling TanKap ( they also made replacement hand cranks ), this is a site that describes the company .... <br> <br> this is pics of the cap <br> <br> <br> I had a few of these replacement caps that fit the model T but I'm having a problem finding what these fit, any help would be greatly appreciated .... <br> ......... Thanks, Dennis