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  1. Thanks for the reply, I have discovered that it is a Torpedo
  2. I have attached a photo of the moulding that was given to me for my '48, as you can see it doesn't fit the contour of the trunk lid. Can someone tell me what year it is for? Thanks Bob
  3. Can someone tell me what model '48 Pontiac I have by these two photos? Also anyone got extra tail light assemblies with lenses? Thanks in advance, Bob
  4. Anyone have a spare headlight door for a '48 Silver Streak, or know where to send me to ask? Thanks in advance, Bob
  5. Thanks Todd, I will surely check that site out
  6. We are suppose to get a 1948 Pontiac 2dr sedan this weekend, looking for a place that sells the service manuals for the '48 Pontiac. She is good and solid body wise, plus the glass is good. Thanks in advance, Bob
  7. Yes, I am new to Pontiacs, but not the old car hobby, as I have had a 1940 Plymouth P-10 business coupe for approx 22 years. I plan at this time to do the same as I did to the Plymouth, make her presentable and safe to drive. The Pontiac has a straight eight with the hydro-matic tranny
  8. Just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Bob Drown, I live in the Catskills of NY. I just was given a 1948 Pontiac 2dr. We are hopefully going to get it one day this coming week. The Pontiac has had some body work done to her, but has been sitting outside for the better part of twenty years
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